April 23, 2018

Blackburn AirStik SL Pump 160 Psi Presta White

pump Blackburn AirStik sl psi Presta white Blackburn AirStik SL pump 160 psi presta white
Blackburn AirStik SL pump in black with an extremely light construction.

A modern double chamber provides 37% more volume per one piston move.

The maximum pressure of 160 psi gives the possibility of applying to any type of bicycle.


– unique two-chamber design-37% more air compared to other pumps of the same size

– aluminum cylinder and piston

– supports valves Presta

– mass 58 g

– max.┬ápressure 160 psi

– complete with a mount for the bike frame

– dimensions of the pump: length 155mm, diameter 19mm, piston stroke 97mm

– color: white

Brand: Blackburn

Blackburn Airstik SL Mini-Pump

blackburn airstik mini pump Blackburn AirStik SL pump 160 psi presta white

  1. This is the smallest pump you’ll ever use that will still get your flat fixed and you on your way again.
  2. Just the bare minimum to get your tire back up and you kicking ass.

Buy Blackburn Airstik SL Mini-Pump here $24.95

Blackburn Airstik SL Pump

blackburn airstik pump Blackburn AirStik SL pump 160 psi presta white

  1. I went to use it to top off my tires – the first pump was the sound of sand grinding down the inner part of the pump
    So never put this on the outside of your bike as its not designed to get wet or any sort of dirty – there are no seals or protection.
  2. If you want to carry it in a fully protected place all the time its very small.
  3. I wouldnt use if you dont have tubeless and are thus more prone to flats where you actually have to use it.
  4. I bought a different one i dont have to worry about getting dirty – I can mount externally on my frame, has higher volume, only about 20g heavier, has a hose attachment, and is sealed from water and debris.
  5. It’s not as hard to use as other higher volume pumps but high psi is still a little struggle as you get up there higher and higher psi.
  6. This is a very high quality pump, the action is smooth and there is no play or wobbliness or rattling, as well it is user serviceable with replacement parts.
  7. But if you get a press on pump like this, id recommend going with smooth valve tubes instead of the normal threaded Presta valve.
  8. When I ponder the time required to pump up a mountain-bike ‘fatty’, I dread the number of strokes I’ll need to effect full inflation.
  9. But it is of the highest quality, which is why I bought Blackburn.
  10. The only reason I got this was because I wanted something really small that I could use to reinflate a tubeless tire after burping, but its so hard to pump without letting air out that it cant do much more than 15psi.
  11. Works fine with tubes so I guess I can use it for total tire failures.
  12. I like that this one is bright green because it’s easy to find in my gear.
  13. It is very small, which means it takes a while to pump up tires, but also means it fits in your pocket/jersey/tool kit/backpack easily.
  14. The holder is comes with goes on your water bottle mount and is unobtrusive and secures your pump safely.
  15. My one ip is to occasionally make sure the head is firmly screwed on, because it has come a little loose occasionally and could fall off.
  16. I went back to carrying a frame pump after trying to fix a couple of flats with it.
  17. I will list my pros and cons from my limited testing of this pump:


    Lightweight – I wanted a very lightweight pump for my light weight carbon fiber road bike.

  18. With this pump I can get all the flats I want and still keep going!
  19. It works – The push-on type connection works OK and achieves a decent seal.
  20. Attaches neatly under water bottle – The pump is tucked out of the way neatly near the frame next to my water bottle.
  21. It is green – I might be the only one who cares about this, but my Kestrel Legend is green and white and this pump matches beautifully.
  22. The build quality seems to be very good – Time will tell how it holds up, although I hope I don’t have to use it!!!
  23. The price was right – Compared with several other pumps in its class, this little Blackburn was a great buy.
  24. Cons:

    The push-on connection is more difficult to use than those pumps equipped with a clamp-type locking lever.

  25. You have to keep some down pressure on the valve while pumping to avoid leaking air.
  26. This is not as hard as it sounds, yet it is an inconvenience.
  27. Again, it is slow pumping but after a few minutes or so of steady pumping you’ll be back on the road.
  28. I don’t think I would want to use this pump on my mountain bike, however, as it would probably take a long time to get up to pressure, although I imagine it could be done.
  29. My biggest con is the maximum pressure that is reasonably obtainable with this pump is about 80 psi more or less.
  30. I know it is rated much higher, but I doubt anyone would either take the time or be able to reach, say, 120 psi.
  31. I’m not sure why they rate these little pumps at 160 psi.
  32. Also, I would not try to use this pump to “top-off” my tire pressure.
  33. It is a little difficult to manipulate this small of a pump, especially with fairly large hands.
  34. This pump causes some pain in both hands to achieve adequate pressure.
  35. Conclusion:

    The negative aspects I’ve listed above are probably true of any tiny pump of this kind.

  36. For me, this little pump is only good for emergency flats on long rides – and I’ve had some of those!
  37. Being stranded in the middle of no-where with no pump or cell phone service would not be fun.
  38. Fortunately I’ve always had a pump, spare tube and patch kit with me!
  39. This pump will get you enough pressure, however, to finish out your ride or get you back, and that’s priority # 1 to me.
  40. Based on the limitations and my anticipated use for this pump it meets my needs just fine.
  41. For others with similar needs for in a pump, I would recommend this one.
  42. Most of your energy will be expended trying to make this thing work, instead of riding your bike.
  43. Fits into Topeak’s Medium Aero Wedge seat bag, so don’t even need to clip to frame.

Buy Blackburn Airstik SL Pump here

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