May 1, 2018

Bike Support Accent Profi 26″ -28″ Black

prop cycle accent profi black Bike support Accent Profi 26  28 black
A bicycle support with a smoothly adjustable height. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Mounted on the chain cable. It can be mounted on bicycles equipped with a disc brake or a square profile.

Size-26 ” – 28 ”
Weight-200 g

Brand: Accent

accent Bike support Accent Profi 26  28 black

4ucycling 3D Padded bike Underwear Shorts – Breathable,Lightweight,Men & Women

ucycling padded bike underwear shorts breathable lightweight men amp women Bike support Accent Profi 26  28 black
  1. I’m usually closer to 34″ waist but after the holidays I may be closer to 36″ so I ordered the XL.
  2. I have beefy thighs that usually get squeezed a bit too much when I wear compression undergarments.
  3. Ballroom is important for me so I don’t usually mind a larger underwear size to make the boys happy.
  4. The padding seems slightly thicker than some “built” in cycle shorts I already have.
  5. I mostly got these for winter rides to wear under my running tights.
  6. I notice that when I wear the underwear that it feels much more comfortable when riding and they are very comfortable to wear under my regular exercise pants.
  7. I have lots of exercise pants, so buying this underwear allows me to use the pants I have rather than buying exercise pants solely for biking.
  8. Regarding sizing, I ordered a XXL and I normally wear a size 12/14 women’s pant size.
  9. The XXL fits me perfectly, although I was tempted to order a L or XL.
  10. I plan to order another pair soon, when I start riding more regularly, so one can be in the laundry while I wear the other.
  11. Also, I liked them so much that I got a pair for my niece for a Christmas gift.
  12. The shorts are comfortable (I wear a women’s size 10/12 normally) and likely contributed to me not feeling “saddle sore” the day after my first ride.
  13. I haven’t had a chance to wash them yet so I can’t comment on their durabilty in that regard.
  14. If they wash up great, I will order more (and update this review accordingly).
  15. Thought I’d try these out as an alternative to the expensive bike shorts.
  16. So far, no issues, Follow the sizing chart, as I think they run small.
  17. I would not wear anything under them as some folks are doing, that will just cause chafing if you go for long rides.
  18. The product is sized right, so don’t believe the other reviews or the chart saying to order one size larger.
  19. I wear them over my basic underwear and that works fine but they still fit loose.
  20. I had read that they run a little small, and they do, but they fit perfectly as I ordered 2 sizes larger than what I wear.
  21. They are sheer and see thru so they aren’t meant to be worn alone.
  22. I hand wash them and hang them to dry, and they are holding up well.
  23. I really like them, and they really do make the bike ride more comfortable.
  24. Using the supplied sizing I went with a large when a medium would of been much better given how quickly that stretched out.
  25. The padding is better than the other one linked in here but I only commute 12ish miles so it is not needed.
  26. Feels comfortable with just the right amount of padding.
  27. I wore the bike shorts while riding my road bike on a 74 mile ride.
Buy 4ucycling 3D Padded bike Underwear Shorts – Breathable,Lightweight,Men & Women here

The North Face Borealis Backpack

the north face borealis backpack Bike support Accent Profi 26  28 black
  1. Padded, fleece-lined 15″ laptop sleeve in main compartment protects laptop from bumps and falls.
  2. Secondary compartment has internal organization with a fleece-lined media pocket, secure zippered pocket and elastic webbing for cord management.
  3. External fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses or electronics.
  4. Two water bottle pockets made with stretch mesh offer ability to conceal contents.
  5. The main compartment features a padded, fleece-lined 15″ laptop sleeve and the front compartment is equipped with a tablet sleeve to protect and organize your electronics.
  6. Finished with easy-access stretch-mesh side pockets and an external bungee cord that allows you lash on additional gear.
  7. I had a very basic, very hot pink Jansport Sport backpack with two large pockets, and two small pockets.
  8. I was sure that it would be “the one” because of it’s obnoxious color and its size but I was so painfully wrong.
  9. It was the thinnest, least waterproof material I’ve ever had in a backpack, the structure was virtually nonexistent so keeping it upright in class was actually impossible, and it was way too big for what I needed.
  10. Though the color was blindingly beautiful, my daily wear caused a denim blue patch on the back where my jeans met the material.
  11. This year, I decided to find my dream backpack and I think I found it.
  12. I wanted something durable enough for me to be able to use it for the whole year and hopefully longer.
  13. It had to be functional before it was beautiful so I needed the right number of pockets in the right location.
  14. Personally, I would rather not mess around with a pencil pouch so I wanted to find a bag that had a really small pencil-sized zipper pocket at the top so I could set it upright next to my chair and easily access my writing utensils.
  15. I also was looking for a thicker material that was either waterproof, or somewhat water resistant since I walk over a mile to and from campus for class every day.
  16. A laptop pouch wasn’t a necessity since I don’t carry that with me every day but it was something that I would consider a bonus, even better if it was padded.
  17. Same goes for the straps, if I could find something padded, awesome.
  18. I liked the idea of having two water bottle holders as well since I do my fair share of coffee drinking and water drinking but again, that wasn’t a deal breaker.
  19. The Northface Borealis backpack has met all of these criteria for me and I really couldn’t be happier with it.
  20. I bought mine in the color Zink Grey Heather/Asphalt Grey.
  21. It’s extremely durable so far (I’ve had it for just over three weeks now) and I think it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  22. There’s quite a bit of ‘backbone’ to this backpack and it stands upright on it’s own when there’s stuff inside it.
  23. This makes leaning it up on my chair during classes very easy, and there just so happens to be a nice little pouch on top of the bag where I can fit all my pens, pencils, highlighters, and my clicker (a device I need fast access to for almost every class).
  24. This backpack also has little flaps that fold over the zippers that, paired with the thick material, effectively keep rain water from soaking its contents.
  25. There is also a perfectly sized laptop pouch that’s padded.
  26. As if it could get any better, the straps are padded, and so is the entire back of the bag (what??).
  27. An added bonus that wasn’t in my initial criteria at all is the reflective pieces on the front.
  28. Sometimes I walk home in the dark along a somewhat busy road and these are an awesome feature that I didn’t even know I needed.
  29. The only things that are less than perfect about this bag are very minor.
  30. Although it has two bottle pockets, I wish they were a little bit deeper.
  31. I carry a 750 ml CAMELBAK water bottle and sometimes I’m a little worried that it might fall out but it hasn’t so far, so maybe that’s just a psychological thing.
  32. It also has quite a few clips and buckles on it which might be perfect for someone who uses this backpack for camping and hiking but for an average college student who only carries a few pounds worth of stuff at a time, they’re a little unnecessary.
  33. As for features that I’m neutral about, there are quite a few little compartments in the second large zipper pocket that I don’t use at all.
  34. They don’t get in my way or anything and I don’t dislike them, I just don’t need them for my own personal use.
  35. I know some people love all the organizational pockets though, and this bag certainly has a lot.
  36. These might actually be helpful for things like notecards or paper clips or anything that you carry around in multiples that you don’t want scattered across the depths of your backpack.
  37. Overall, this backpack fits my needs perfectly, and my wants very well.
  38. The tactile and rugged zippers, pouches, straps, and the entire bag itself is outstanding.
  39. The straps and the back are completely supported and comfortable.
  40. Overall, a great backpack to recommend to all people whether using it for hiking or for daily school travel.
  41. I have had this bag for over a year now and it is really convenient.
  42. I have the women’s version in a grey/purple that has slightly curved shoulder straps.
  43. I broke my clavicle a few years ago and have a titanium plate and screws in my shoulder so for many years carrying a backpack has not been an option.
  44. I joined grad school and found I would need a backpack so I tried this on in store filling it with heavier objects to mimic the weight of books/laptop etc.
  45. It was really comfortable and a year later I am really happy with this bag.
  46. The weight distribution has helped me use this backpack without should pain.
  47. It has a soft cushioned pocket for my laptop that is slightly elevated so if you were to drop your bag on the floor it would protect the bottom of the laptop from hitting the floor.
  48. There is ample space in the main part of the bag for binders, books.
  49. The sides have straps to adjust the width of the bag overall so if its full yo can expand it or if its empty you can make it smaller so the bag isn’t falling over.
  50. The part of the back against your back is thick and padded as well.
  51. The second pocket has a soft pocket for a tablet and has lots of little pockets for pens, chargers, wallets etc.
  52. There is a small pocket on the front for keys, sun glasses or other small miscellaneous items that you want to have easy access to.
  53. There is a small zippered compartment on the top where you could put your phone and string your headphones through so it won’t get wet in the rain.
  54. The bungee cords are great for keeping a light jacket in case of rain or a little blanket for those super cold classrooms.
  55. The straps are adjustable and it has a whistle built into the chest strap for safety.
  56. The water bottle holders are perfect for my huge camelbak bottle and contigo coffee mug.
  57. Overall this is an amazingly excellent bag and I cannot say enough great things about it!
  58. I use it for work and it holds so many things and them some.
  59. It’s very stiff but it’s starting to break in and smoosh down a little.
  60. The fabric is tear proof, the zippers are ykk or yyk whatever the top zipper brand is lol.
  61. I used it in pouring rain yesterday and even in the front pockets my phone didn’t not get wet.
  62. My huge 32 ounce yetti cup fits in the cup holders on the sides no problem.
  63. My only con is the color is a little different then the picture shown.
  64. I got the greystone all grey one and it’s a tad lighter in person.
  65. And my other con is, the bunge cords are a little hard to use for a rain jacket.
  66. For years I had a cheap jansport backpack and yes they are very light but they aren’t comfortable on the back and all my stuff was tossed around and getting destroyed cos of the lack of compartments.
  67. Now with my new northface my back is feeling good and my stuff doesn’t move around in the backpack to stab my bag.
  68. I will be using this backpack to travel new York City with, for work and for travel trips.
  69. I use this for work and don’t carry a purse cos I shove my wallet and phone right in.
  70. I use it for (1) bike commuting, carrying clothes, papers, and a 15″ screen computer, and (2) groceries.
  71. Apparently placing the North Face logo automatically results in a 100% price increase.
  72. The size is perfect, the colors are great, material is sturdy.
Buy The North Face Borealis Backpack here $57.80 – $179.99

Review Bike Support Accent Profi 26″ -28″ Black

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