April 23, 2018

Bike Mexller BMX-16″ Blue

bike mexller bmx blue 1 Bike Mexller BMX 16 blue
Bicycles BMX 16″is a group of bikes addressed to the youngest.Easy service and colorful design makes every moment spent on a bike will be a great experience for a toddler.
Specially adjusted to the child’s gender, the geometry of the bike provides boys and girls with optimal positions, and thus more confidence and It also increases the solid brakes on the front and back sides of the torpedo.


– Frame: steel
– Brake: only torpedo, the front face guarantees safe braking
– Wheels 16″aluminum strips
– Tire 16×2.125
– front-end faces
– trunks
– support pins
– soft wheel guards
– full chain cover
– comfortable foam foil
– metal basket
– reflective elements on spokes and boot
– guide

Brand: Mexller

mexller Bike Mexller BMX 16 blue

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy’s Bikes and Girl’s Bikes with training wheels, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, Gifts for children

royalbaby bmx freestyle kids bike boy bikes and girl bikes with training wheels  Bike Mexller BMX 16 blue
  1. Cancel anytime for a full refund within the first 30 days.
  2. Used or refurbished products, or products purchased for commercial use, are not eligible.
  3. And don’t forget the vibrant colors are sure to please any child’s taste.
  4. The training wheels are designed to dampen noise which improves hearing ability.
  5. The fully enclosed chain guard keeps fingers safe and flanged grips help prevent hands from sliding off the bars.
  6. Safety features include a fully enclosed chain guard, safety grips, and heavy duty training wheels.
  7. This focus helps push innovation in kids bike design leading to a better product for young riders.
  8. All freestyle models include a water bottle for those long adventures.
  9. Coming with bell,tools,water bottle and training wheels,owner’s manual included.
  10. Front caliper brake, rear coaster brake.18 inch – dual hand brakeThe combination of brakes gives many options for learning to stop.
  11. Royalbaby patented design with side support, never bent.
  12. Quick release seatpost,easy to adjust the seat height for fast growing kids.
  13. One piece crank,ball bearing drive shaft,full enclosed chainguard(18 inch half enclosed).
  14. Here’s what we liked about it:

    — This bike looks more like a mountain bike.
  15. It has a clever space for a water bottle, something few bikes this size offer.
  16. He feels his bike looks like his older brother’s model.
  17. He was riding a 16″ bike with training wheels, and although he had developed the balance necessary to ride without trainers, he was afraid to ride without them as his feet couldn’t touch the ground.
  18. With this bike, he was riding without trainers within minutes.
  19. Our son loves the bell, and we like the handle on the back of the seat.
  20. It makes the bike easier to load into the truck for family bike rides.
  21. The seat is more comfortable than those typically found on small children’s bikes.
  22. We had one complaint: one of the pedals cracked after a few weeks.
  23. They were of a standard size, so we substituted one from an old bike.
  24. So, if you’re looking for a nice-looking “big kid” bike for your little rider, the Royalbaby is a fine choice.
  25. After literally hours of searching reviews online, we had narrowed it down to this model and a Diamondback 16″ bike.
  26. Then, thinking about the mess of returning this large object, I ran out to the shed to see how heavy her 12″ bike was.
  27. I estimated her bike to be maybe 3-5 lbs heavier than my weight.
  28. Boy, was I relieved when I easily hoisted it up with one arm.
  29. This bike maybe weighs around 25lbs, which is perfect for our 7 year old girl.
  30. She’s already fallen and can easily hoist the bike back up on her own.
  31. Wheels don’t spin freely” – This was also a big concern of mine, as I am a stickler about quality control at the factory level.
  32. During assembly, I flipped the bike over and checked out both wheels.
  33. They did feel a bit “sticky” at first, and didn’t roll to a stop.
  34. First off, fellow parents, please make sure you read all the directions before you begin, if you’re not mechanically inclined.
  35. One thing I noticed was that the front caliper brakes needed to be adjusted, as they were rubbing slightly against the tire, creating that “imbalanced” sound when spinning the wheel quickly.
  36. I scanned the directions, and it had some instructions about how to adjust the front brakes.
  37. If the coaster brake is engaged in the slightest, you can hear it rubbing as the wheel turns, so take note.
  38. As the directions suggest, make sure you lube all moving parts periodically.
  39. I grabbed some 3 in 1 oil and some auto grease and lubed everything up.
  40. It felt like the wheels were just “out of the box” stiff, and began to loosen up a bit on their own.
  41. I didn’t really know what they meant by “true”, so I did some Google research and realized they meant balanced, with a straight rim.
  42. Both wheels were out of true and that was part of the reason they didn’t spin as freely as I had expected initially.
  43. As I spun the wheels, you could see both of them needed adjustment, as they bowed left and right with several “bubbles” causing the rim to wobble considerably as it spun.
  44. However, after reading about “truing” a bicycle wheel, I found that it was pretty straightforward: You just adjust the spoke studs at their base, right above the rim, with a spoke wrench.
  45. Once I figured out tightening the spokes was counterclockwise, in about 10 minutes I had both wheels very close to true and they spun much easier!
  46. My daughter even mentioned that the bike seemed to ride much smoother after my adjustments.
  47. Since I was able to correct the issue, and I’m pretty sure that places like Wally World and Target don’t “true” their bikes prior to purchase, I decided not to dock a star.
  48. Royal Baby All Over The Bike = Not Cool!” – I totally get this one for the kids who want to be big boys and girls.
  49. The company name on the tire tread is black on black so unless you’re looking closely at the tires, you can’t tell.
  50. This bike has definitely passed the cool test with our 7 year old daughter!
  51. Pedals won’t screw on/break easily” – This one may change after a few months of use, so I’ll keep an eye on it and update, if necessary.
  52. However, I had no issues with the pedals, they screwed onto the crank arms just fine (take note that the left hand pedal must be tightened counter-clockwise).
  53. Water bottle is cheap” – Have to agree with this one, unfortunately, as it already is cracked and leaking.
  54. However we have several bicycle water bottles in our home and they all fit snugly in the holder, which is made of metal and bolts to the frame.
  55. Not enough of an issue to warrant docking a star, in my opinion.
  56. Chain falls off” – Chain was nice and tight and has not come off, yet.
  57. Besides, the rear axle sits in a groove which allows you to slide it backwards or forward to adjust the tension in the chain, which apparently, some of these reviewers failed to realize.
  58. Tires won’t hold air” – I inflated tires to 35 psi 4 days ago and they are still full.
  59. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this bike, but so far, it seems to be a home run.
  60. We can’t keep her off of it, she even just likes to sit on it when she can’t ride!
  61. The frame seems to be solid, well made, and has quality frame welds.
  62. The color scheme of the orange and black with the white seat really looks sharp!
  63. After truing the wheels,it was definitely a relief to see her get up to speed and coast almost the entire length of the sidewalk.
  64. I also really like that it comes with a kickstand and a quick-adjust seat, which makes sizing it for her a breeze!
  65. With a little time taken to read the instructions and make some basic adjustments, this bike seems more than capable of providing our kids with years of good riding.
  66. UPDATE 12-18-2015: After reading my review, the company sent me a replacement water bottle, free of charge.
  67. He’s brand new to bicycle’s and only has experience with a 3 wheeled scooter and tricycle.
  68. I will come back to this review should my opinion change.
  69. All parts and bolts were in the package upon receiving.
  70. Our son LOVE’s this bike as you can tell from the picture attached.
  71. A simple fix for this is either plumbers tape, or thread locker.
  72. We tried both and both successfully kept the training wheel bolts from coming loose.
  73. Otherwise, we’d have to re-tighten them each and every time our son decided to ride it.
  74. A simple and cheap fix makes this a super sturdy bike for our 3 yr old.
  75. It had two problems: chain adjusted too tight so it’s heavy to bike.
  76. I inflated properly to 40 psi, and found out it flatted again this early morning.
  77. So I will temporarily give it 3 stars, I will change my rating after seller solved the problems.
  78. P/S: I forgot to mention about scratch on stem with handlebar because I considered it as minor problem (my wife’s not happy about that).
  79. Found out the wheel hardly moving made bike’s heavy to ride.
  80. Need time to replace handlebar with stem so I will do it later.
  81. We had a balance bike before and this is her first pedal bike.
  82. Royalbaby kids bike in my kids, and I bought Royalbaby bike last year.
  83. Good quality and shipped 90% assembled is always great!
  84. We ordered orange (our son’s favorite color) and got blue.
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