April 23, 2018

Bike Lure For ONGUARD AKITA 12mm X 185cm

clasp Cycle to key OnGuard akita mm cm Bike lure for ONGUARD AKITA 12mm x 185cm
Lightweight and easy to transport wire rope with key lock with code.
They offer cyclists quick and convenient protection in a situation of low and medium risk.
The high quality twisted steel cable is firmly attached to the locking mechanism.
A thick vinyl cover increases safety and protects against falls and abrasions.
– Very durable self-expanding steel cable
– Vinyl cover protects the color and finish
– The cable is firmly attached to the locking mechanism
– Locking mechanism X2P ensures the highest resistance to tearing of breakage
– Z-Cylinder made of ultra hardened steel provides the best protection against drilling, undermining and tearing
– Velcro strap keeps the zip fasteners for easy transport
– The double-rubberised shell of the zipper allows for a comfortable grip, protection against knocks andobarciami

Locking mechanism-X2P-Double Bolt-2 ratchets
Gear mechanism-Z-Cylinder, European type
Material-Steel twisted strand with vinyl sheath
Coatings-Double-rubber coating of the lock
Keys-5 laser-cut keys with a code, including 1 with a small LED
Security level-40/100
Length-185 cm
Diameter-12 mm

Brand: Ongurad

ongurad Bike lure for ONGUARD AKITA 12mm x 185cm

OnGuard Akita Double Loop Cable – 1.72′ x .20″

onguard akita double loop cable x Bike lure for ONGUARD AKITA 12mm x 185cm
  1. Don’t need to be spending several minutes just to lock and unlock my secondary lock.
  2. This thick cable is a good theft deterrent, though, for someone in a worse neighborhood than mine, if he or she can get the large loops through the seat openings.
  3. The seven-foot length makes it plenty long enough to run though both wheels.
  4. I will use this 10-mm cable with a lock I already own just to disappoint anyone who takes a shine to our patio furniture.
  5. The 6-mm cable is thin, but it is super easy to carry and use and will deter opportunity thieves from swiping the seat and wheels.
  6. I just put the 6-mm cable through the seat and both wheels and locked it in ten seconds.
  7. I would return this but I think the postage would cost more to return it then this cable was .
  8. I can not recommend this cable because it is so thin and very short.
  9. I keep my bike in a locked patio and use TWO different cables, a half-way decent lock, and a bike cover.
  10. All of these can be defeated with a little persistence but I’m only hoping to slow a thief down enough to make him consider stealing the next available bike.
  11. The best security is to keep your bike locked inside but my apts too small [l’ve had a lot of bikes stolen].
  12. I like the fact that this is a relatively long cable so can get it around pipes.
  13. I used to carry two heavy locks (a u-lock and a folding lock) to secure my bike at work because both tires have quick release but it’s quite a bit of weight to carry.
  14. I can still carry 2 locks for maximum security without the burden of excessive weight while still being able lock/unlock quickly and efficiently.
  15. This item is VERY sturdy, is very good quality, but also is much larger and heavier than I expected.
  16. It is probably not suitable if you are packing it with your luggage for an international flight.
  17. I loop it into a bigger cable lock that wraps around the back tire then connects to U-lock over front tire/frame/pole.
  18. Small, thin, and malleable enough to leave wrapped under seat.
  19. It is very thin, so just a slight deterrent; but it is definitely better than nothing.
  20. Wouldn’t use this as my primary security for my bike, but it’s great to lock up my wheel and helmet and anything else that doesn’t fit in the U-Lock.
  21. Please do some research on how to properly lock up your bike.
  22. The cable is the right length and the strength should be enough.
  23. I also like the fact that it is not coiled up tightly like so many other cable products.
  24. Also my loops were very uneven with one being too small and one being gigantic.
Buy OnGuard Akita Double Loop Cable – 1.72′ x .20″ here $6.69

Onguard Akita Loop Cable Lock

onguard akita loop cable lock Bike lure for ONGUARD AKITA 12mm x 185cm
  1. I also like the yellow color, which might act as a deterrent.
  2. I’m also a big fan of onguard because I think they make great u-locks.
  3. On the minus side, this the onguard appears to be thinner than a schlage cable I bought at lowes for around the same price.
  4. It’s hard to say for certain because of the plastic coating on both cables.
  5. The cable is also not braided as aggressively as the schlage cable.
  6. This cable only twists, whereas the schlage cable is actually braided (see picture).
  7. For the reviewer who asked ‘i wonder why one loop is larger than the other’ thats because the cable was specifically designed as a seat leash.
  8. You take the small loop end and loop it around something on your frame under your seatpost.
  9. Usually this is right at the top of the chainstay as pictured.
  10. At this point, you unscrew the mounting screws on the seatpost, pass in the big loop inside as seen in the picture and bolt the seat back down again.
  11. You now have a leash on the seat and seatpost, with no future effort on your part necessary.
  12. And it does not interfere with your pedaling or use of the bike.
  13. You won’t touch it or brush up against it in normal use.
  14. Now, no one can just undo your QR seatpost clamp and run off with your seat in 5 seconds.
  15. They will have to also cut the cable or, lacking cutters, they will need a hex key to disassemble your seat to remove the leash.
  16. No cable offers perfect protection, but this is a cheap step up.
  17. BTW if you want something less permanent, try looping the little end around the seatpost rail under the seat.
  18. Anyhow, this cable lock is what I was looking for, lighter in weight (being short) and just thick enough to deter thieves.
  19. It is less than 21 inches long therefore it can’t loop around big items.
  20. It’d be good to lasso a luggage to an accordion wall heater via the handle or secure one luggage to another.
  21. It’d be good to lock up helmet or pannier bag using a good size pad lock or u lock.
  22. This is something that you don’t think about but once you have it, it comes in handy for a lot of use.
  23. This is a good length and gives me versatility in different securement situations.
  24. I can pass one end of the cable through the other around a utility pole or light stanchion, then run the free end through the back wheel/frame and secure the free loop to the front wheel with the U-lock, for example.
  25. I can also shove the ends of the cable through the front wheel and rear wheel/frame and secure the ends to the bike rack using the U-lock.
  26. This is not a coily/springy cable so it’s been a challenge to stow it on the bike frame.
  27. I finally gave up trying to wind it on and just cram it into the bottom of one of my pannier baskets.
  28. The guys who jacked a couple of my coworkers’ bikes recently seemed to think my cable/lock were quality, since my bike wasn’t touched.
  29. I realize that a determined bike thief or malicious person may carry bolt cutters, but given the degree of protection it and the Kryptonite afford, it’s well worth the small investment.
  30. In addition, a thief would have to take the time to work at removing it, and there are enough bicyclists around to spot the attempt – one would hope, as an eternal optimist …
  31. While this is not top rated security, using this cable with another lock helps deter someone looking for a quick snatch and grap.
  32. The 4 foot size works great for attachment to a U-lock.
  33. The 7 foot size is quite large and can loop through quite a few parts of your bike.
  34. It seems very thick, is easy to handle with the rubber coating, and is moderately stiff so it is easy to loop around things, but can’t bend too sharply.
  35. It is about as thick as I can go and still get my padlock around one of the loops and a metal bracket and still get it to shut.
  36. I like the two loops on both ends, and can easily insert one inside the other so you only have to lock one of the loops if you use it like a slip knot.
  37. However I underestimated the length I would need because it rounds corners a bit more than I expected, but I got it to just fit by using one of the loops to slip inside the other and only had to lock one loop.
  38. If I were locking a bicycle, I’d still go with a U-lock personally (I never lost a bike with one of those).
  39. But if you need a cable lock, I feel quite secure with this, at least to deter thieves from the specific item that is locked down, in an otherwise fairly secure environment.
  40. For the price the cable is well made and works well for low security applications.
  41. Don’t expect too much as far as security goes, the cable is thin and could be easily cut.
  42. The cable has a smaller end which you could loop through the larger end easily.
  43. It’s also fairly short so make sure that you check that the length will work for your application before buying.
  44. Nothing fancy but very useful to secure my motorcycle helmet!!
  45. Thick vinyl coating to keep from scratching the surface of the locked article.
Buy Onguard Akita Loop Cable Lock here $4.47 – $24.67

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