April 23, 2018

Bike LAXUS 28″ 3-speed Sea

laxus bike racing sea Bike LAXUS 28 3 speed sea

Wheels-28 inches
Number of gears-3
Rear hub-Shimano Nexus torpedo
Crank mechanism-1-row
Rear saddle-Shimano nexus
Shifter lever-Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Brake lever-aluminum
Front brake-V-brakes
Brake rear-Torpedo
Steering wheel-Molded
Rims-Conical aluminum
Equipment-Chain guard, Pedals, LED lighting, Fender set, Bag, Reflective set

Brand: Storm

storm Bike LAXUS 28 3 speed sea

Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Step-Thru 8 Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Cruiser Commuter Road Bicycle, 700c wheels

gama bikes women metropole step thru speed shimano hybrid urban cruiser commuter Bike LAXUS 28 3 speed sea
  1. This is a performance bike with a classic city bike soul.
  2. This bike utilizes Gama’s timeless frame design, it is outfitted with fast rolling 700c tires, and the ultra-versatile 8-speed Shimano drivetrain.
  3. The bottom line is that this lightweight alloy frame is quicker on the road, easier to carry up the stairs, and you’ll never see a spot of rust.
  4. All of this adds up to a bike that is exactly what you need it to be.
  5. Quick, light, and ready to take you wherever you’re going.
  6. In fact the team at Gama, does not make cheap bikes, Gama makes inexpensive high-quality bicycles specific for your cycling needs.
  7. Plus, this bike is equipped with all of the bicycle accessories you need to get out on the town: fenders, rear rack, basket, and a bell.
  8. Please note: Although these bicycles are delivered approximately 80% assembled, it is highly recommended that you take the bicycle to a bike shop for assembly by a qualified professional.
  9. My wife loves the color, very light and very good components.
  10. Compared to the other bicycles we saw for the price this one had an aluminum frame so we choose this one.
  11. Inside the box everything fine all parts there and no visible scratches.
  12. It took me like 2 hours to assemble everything and around 30 minutes to adjust the brakes, the gears in this one where adjusted.
  13. The Kickstand had an incorrect angle so I had to bent it a bit so the bike stays standing.
  14. The bicycle feels very light and very fast when riding.
  15. The tires even if they are the size of a race bike they are not very thin so very good for any terrain.
  16. The rear gears compared to the bike we bought to our daughter, a cheaper cruiser bike,feel much more exact and smooth.
  17. When we took it to the shop to get checked we compared to other bicycles there and this is definitely a good deal.
  18. The white seat and the white grips were not my taste, and I upgraded them and the bell to something I liked better.
  19. The frame, the tires, the wheels, and the Shimano Derailleur are high quality, but the other components may need upgrading later.
  20. My husband is familiar with bikes, and this one was not easy to put together.
  21. It needed a lot of tweaking, and the breaks were assembled improperly.
  22. At first glance, we thought they were really poor (they still are not great), but they just took a little tweaking to get working properly.
  23. The aluminum frame and the 700x35C tires make for an excellent ride.
  24. I wanted something lightweight and upright, combining performance and comfort.
  25. After assembly, some adjustments, and theft-proofing I am back on the road and I like the bike.
  26. I was hoping for something a bit more jade (as pictured) but decided to keep it anyway as I really needed a new bike after the last one was stolen.
  27. It won’t take a Danish fixed lock unlike my prior Trek and it doesn’t have the mounting holes for a water bottle.
  28. The kick stand is placed on the back tire and the bike tips over easily as a result — I would have preferred a more centered stand.
  29. It’s light and pretty comfortable, has sturdy shimano (sp?) trigger shifters, is kind of a weird color but definitely gets me around town.
  30. Seat and handles are made out of something cheap though so will have to replace them in a few months.
  31. I will probably take it to a shop for a tune up soon, as small adjustments are needed.
  32. Very hard to follow and had 2 or 3 models of bike all in the same book.
  33. I am hoping Gama Bikes will send me the missing nut and bolt that holds the front fender to the front frame (a long 1 1/4 to 1 1/2″ bolt that was supposed to be unscrewed during assembly but was missing on the bike I received) and the right front brake pad that was missing.
  34. There are some scratches, as well, so am also hoping they will send some touch-up paint.
  35. One area on the frame, where the cable comes out was missing nearly a full 1″ of paint, but the other scratches are minor.
  36. Besides those issues, the assembly was very easy, the bike is on 30 lbs (huge plus for a bike in this price range), and it’s beautiful.
  37. I was able to try out the gears and the back brakes and it rode beautifully.
  38. It’s a lovely bike and though at 19″ should be big for me, feels totally fine.
  39. The handle bars can be adjusted in a way I don’t recall seeing on other bikes, so I can bring them in a little for my smaller size.
  40. In the US we would call this a girls bike, but the step through design is popular in Europe because it is very practical especially for an older person and they are riding for transportation, not recreation.
  41. Some minor body scratched when we received it; but not a big deal.
  42. If one is to assemble the bike for the first time (like we did), there should be more details (and I’m not talking about small details).
  43. Once you assemble it, you should also do the more professional tuning.
Buy Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Step-Thru 8 Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Cruiser Commuter Road Bicycle, 700c wheels here $328.97

Hollandia Amsterdam 28 Dutch Cruiser Bicycle

hollandia amsterdam dutch cruiser bicycle Bike LAXUS 28 3 speed sea
  1. The simple lines of the steel frame are complimented by the clean look of the 3-speed internal hub.
  2. With large fenders, rear rack, and fully enclosed chainguard, the Amsterdam F1 28 is ideal for commuting or the occasional ride around town.
  3. I’m not an angry dude but if you ever need to talk to a person to resolve your issue, swearing is a very good way to get someone to pick up).
  4. Whatever policy was responsible for that almost caused me to have no bike at all, as I was leaving for school shortly.
  5. This time the bike got to my address on time, though parts of the bike had punctured the box, and the front fender was dented(not badly, about 1/4 of an inch inwards).
  6. Whoever packaged the bike wasn’t extremely careful either, after I opened the box it was much clearer why the bike punched through it.
  7. The Hollandia owner’s manual was helpful at first for assembling the bike.
  8. I searched the whole packet and all that was listed were Mountain Bikes and BMX, which was annoying.
  9. The actual assembly is fairly straightforward though, anyone with a few wrenches(preferably socket) and a philips head can put this thing together in a few hours.
  10. I googled some Hi-res photos of the bike to make sure I had the racks mounted correctly.
  11. A few pieces were missing, I was 3 washers short and 1 compression nut short.
  12. There were a few empty bags that looked like they may have held screws but were still sealed, so that wasn’t the case.
  13. There was also a piece of brown plastic, about the size of a stick of gum, that was snapped in half, I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure out what it was, I just guessed it didn’t belong as there’s no brown anywhere else on the bike.
  14. The bike actually looks better with the open chain, and I have no need for the case anyways.
  15. The bolts that tighten the seat to the stem were stripped when I got them.
  16. I was initially very happy with this bike, but after owning it for a couple years, the shortcomings have really made it annoying.
  17. The bike is far too heavy for most situations, and the limited selection of 3 gears makes riding hills extremely difficult.
  18. Many of the parts are cheap and will need replacing after normal use (misc nuts and bolts, pedals, etc).
  19. It did okay at first as a commuter bike, but if I had to do it again, I’d forgo the racks and just get mountain bike.
  20. For this price, a mountain bike would be more comfortable and would hold up a lot better.
  21. There were two dents in the rear fender and I had to buy a replacement part for the front brake.
  22. Also, one of the 3 batteries for the head light was missing.
  23. The direction booklet has generic directions for putting one of the Hollandia bikes together.
  24. I’ve called the company 3 times already and blown one of the tires.
  25. Now the rear tire went flat and in order to change it you have to almost completely reassemble the bike (time consuming)
    Chain guard covered the whole chain making it impossible to check the chain or to oil.
  26. After listening to my husband complains of how poorly and cheaply this bike made for some time now, I highly reccomend you not to buy it and save yourself some nerves.
  27. You see how much we already put into this bike, so add these money to your bike budget and buy something better.
  28. He got it second-hand, never had a flat tire or fix anything , except putting new seat.
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