May 23, 2018

Bike Kross Level A2 2015

bike kross level Bike Kross Level A2 2015
LEVEL A2 is a bike for people who start their cycling adventure.
The frame is made of durable Aluminum Lite and has been painted in Powder Coated technology, which guarantees high resistance of the paint surface.
As in the higher models, we used grinding welds and hydroforming, which emphasizes its racing character. LEVEL A2 is equipped with a Suntour shock absorber, SRAM fittings, light V-brakes, wheels and KROSS components.

Frame-Aluminum Lite
Fork-Suntour XCM RL (100mm stroke, lock in the grip)
Number of gears-24
Front saddle-Shimano M190
Rear saddle-Shimano Alivio M430
Front brake-Tektro V-brake
Rear brake-Tektro V-brake
Brake levers-Avid Fr 5
Shifters-Shimano Acera M360, 8 gears
Cranks-Shimano Altus M311 42/32 / 22T
Suport-SR Suntour
Chain-Shimano HG40
Cassette / Free Drive-Shimano Acera HG41-8 11-32T
Hub front-Joy Tech 751DSE 32H<
Rear hub-Joy Tech802DSE 32H
Tires-Schwalbe Rapid Rob KevlarGuard 26″x2.1"
Scratches-KROSS V-brake (aluminum, double side)
Steering wheel-KROSS Sport Components (Aluminum, low lift, 660mm , 31.8mm)
Steering bracket-KROSS Sport Components (Aluminum, 31.8mm)
Saddle bracket-KROSS Sport Components (Aluminum, 27.2mm)
Steers-VP A41AC pol-integrated
Saddle-Selle Royal Seta M1 Custom
Pedaly-Aluminum / Nylon
Weight-13.40 kg (size M)

Brand: Kross

kross Bike Kross Level A2 2015

Razor Spark 2.0 Kick Scooter

razor spark kick scooter Bike Kross Level A2 2015
  1. Just step on the sparking bar and watch the sparks fly!
  2. Motion activated LED lights shine as you streak down street.
  3. The breaks are SEPARATE from the sparks so you can break without sparking.
  4. Easy to put together- no tools required, just pop in the quick release button handles and go.
  5. He will leave the playstation to go outside and ride it.
  6. The lights on the wheels and down the side are really nice, especially at night.
  7. I warned her that using it heavily would result in no more spark bar for her (it would run out quickly) but surprising it has lasted a lot longer than expected but she does use it “sparingly”.
  8. It doesn’t make that cheap hard plastic noise that sounds like you’re grading the road with a rake (wheels are not plastic).
  9. Folds easily and light enough for her to tote it and store it.
  10. Since it was the only thing my son wanted for Christmas and everywhere was sold out, I thought why not give this spark AND light up wheels scooter a try.
  11. Not only do the wheels light up, the side bar that he stands on does as well and I was not expecting that.
  12. The only complaint I have are the red handles became really dirty after his first crash and burn.
  13. I needed a graduation gift and he was wanting one of these for so long.
  14. He loves riding it at night because of the way the sides light up and it sparks so bright.
  15. The only bad thing about this scooter is the sparks run put quick!
  16. She requested the scooter with lights in the wheels and this one goes one step further with LEDs in the deck that light when you hit the spark bar in the back.
  17. She loved the scooter from the minute she hit the sparks in the driveway.
  18. The unit is assembled upon arrival and just swings out and snaps together.
  19. Pretty much the easiest present ever as all I had to do was hit a lever and snap a couple pieces into the handle tube.
  20. My son now wants an early birthday present of exactly the same thing, so it looks like the Razor company will be getting a couple more bucks out of me.
  21. I use it for communiting partially to work and just for fun.
  22. The light up wheels are super cool as is the spark thing that you press to leave a trail of sparks.
  23. Why not get a scooter that will make you laugh every time you use it, as well as leave others smiling as you zip by?
  24. Also, here’s what is super cool about it, that they need to include in the photos.
  25. The handlebar slides down and then the bottom part folds up.
  26. You can also unhook the red handlebars to make it more compact.
  27. This way, if you can get an extra long backpack, you are able to put it in.
  28. I found a Northface back pack that is extra long yet still very compact to hold it in.
  29. Most regular size backpacks won’t be big enough to fit it all the way in.
  30. The only negative thing would be is that if you are taller than 5’5″, the handlebars might not be tall enough for you.
  31. So to the product designers, it may have been better if you had varying heights (and taller) handle bar sizes.
  32. It only seems to lift to one height, so you can’t make it smaller or taller depending on your height.
  33. Also, for a more comfortable and stable ride, I wish the bottom part were wider, but maybe that’s why it’s called a Razor, since it’s so thin.
  34. Finally, it’s not a stiff ride, so you feel like the handle bars move around too fast.
  35. I thought one was going to attack me as I zipped by a house and it either didn’t like the sound of tthe wheels or the lights, or both.
  36. I haven’t seen them in action but my nephew and his wife tell me they are perfect.
  37. We have had this for a few years now and it’s still working like it did on the first day.
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