April 23, 2018

Bike Carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B For Hook 3 Bicycles

rack of the bike thule Hangon on hook bikes Bike carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B for hook 3 bicycles
rack of the bike thule Hangon on hook bikes 1 Bike carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B for hook 3 bicycles
Thule HangOn 972. Foldable, tilting carrier for transporting 3 bicycles on the car’s towbar. Recommended especially in short trips with bikes outside the city, but it will work well in a long journey.
After filling, it takes up little space.


– Tapes for fastening bicycles included.
– Reflective end caps increase safety in traffic.
– It is not possible to mount the array
– The boot can be tilted so that you get full access to the car’s trunk without removing your bikes.
– The smart attachment fits most tow hooks.
– Frame holders with rubber pads hold the bike steadily, protecting it from scratches at the same time.
– Folded to facilitate storage, it can easily be found in the trunk of the car.

– Capacity-3 bicycles
– Loading capacity-45 kg.
– Not suitable for electric bikes.
– Weight-7.2 kg.
– Fits frames with all thicknesses.
– An additional Thule adapter 981 or 982
– Thanks to the tilting function, you can access the trunk.
– Closing the bike in the holder-additional option lika Thule 538.
– Closing the handle on the hook-optional additional Thule 957 lock, compatible with One Key System.
– Does not match cars with a spare wheel.
– Fits bikes with brake discs.
– Rear lights-additional Thule light table option 976 and adapter 9761
– Meeting the norm City Crash
– Warranty 5 years

Brand: Thule

thule Bike carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B for hook 3 bicycles

Swagman Bar Adapter Deluxe

swagman bar adapter deluxe Bike carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B for hook 3 bicycles
  1. The frame adaptor bar installs with the push of a button.
  2. After reading many reviews of this product I was incredibly disappointed in what arrived.
  3. The Swagman Bar adapter seemed to be a quality product prior to removing it from it’s packaging.
  4. That is because it does indeed have many very good quality.
  5. The fit and finish of the exterior tube and end clamps seems very good.
  6. This is subjective, but I do like the look of the device better than it’s competitors – for what it’s worth on such a utilitarian object.
  7. It looks fragile, it has very little tension, and in my experience, this type of bungee chord inevitably looses elasticity over time.
  8. There are a few pieces of hardaware (nuts and bolts) that are exposed and not stainless steel.
  9. These will rust over time and have the potential to scratch your bike.
  10. Not a big deal, but for this price point I expected better.
  11. I scheduled to return this item almost immediately after opening it.
  12. I have seen a few reviewers make similar comments to mine, but they did not seem as troubled by this.
  13. I would truly give this product a star and a half, but since I believe the other reveiwers have this given it MUCH too high of a rating I have rounded down.
  14. I would unequivocally recommend the “Allen Sports Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor” in place of this product.
  15. The Allen Sports tension bar provides actual tension via a heavy duty spring within the tube.
  16. In fact, if you read through the reviews, the largest criticism of the Allen is that some people have pinched their fingers.
  17. You will have to make one modification to the Allen product as other reviewers have recommended, which is to add heat shrink to the pull pin that goes around the stem of your handle bar to prevent it from scratching your bike.
  18. Also, the Allan is less then half the price of the Swagman, so a very minor (less then a dollar in parts) modification is acceptable in my book.
  19. First I’ll explain why it didn’t work for my specific bike or rack, and then I’ll explain the overall pros & cons of the design in general.
  20. MY BIKE & RACK:

    My bike rack is an Allen 102DN, mounted on my car trunk.
  21. My bike is a women’s Specialized Safire FSR mountain bike.
  22. The bike’s handlebar neck was too thick for one end of the adapter (see photo), which happened to be the end I needed to use in order to mount the adapter safely onto my bike rack.
  23. However, when I lengthened the adapter to fit my bike, the adapter did not fit onto my bike rack.
  24. The adapter’s hardware got in the way and would not fit safely into the cradle.
  25. I wasn’t able to lengthen the adapter to fix this, since I had to use the shortest length of the adapter to make it fit my bike.
  26. The minimum length of the adapter tube, EXCLUDING hardware, is 8″.
  27. Unfortunately I had to return this adapter since it didn’t fit.
  28. The Saris adapter is similar in quality but uses a different hardware design that doesn’t get in the way of my bike rack cradle, and has wider clamps on both ends.
  29. PROS & CONS:

    Design benefits: solid construction of the metal, a thick coating on the clamps to protect your bike’s paint.
  30. Design flaws:

    – As another reviewer mentioned, the fact that the tube is held together by a mere elastic band concerns me.
  31. I suppose the benefit of this is that it allows you to turn the clamp horizontally and vertically to clamp to handlebars (such as a child’s bike).
  32. However, I’d rather see a thicker strand of elastic less prone to snap if the bar malfunctioned.
  33. I’m not an engineer so I don’t know how much stress that elastic can withstand over time.
  34. The design of the bar assumes that I am using the narrow end for the handlebar neck, and the wide end for the seat.
  35. This isn’t the case for my mountain bike, which has a handlebar neck too thick for the narrow end of the adapter.
  36. I’m able to fit the adapter onto my bike by flipping it around, but then when I mount the bike to my car rack, the adapter’s clamp openings end up face-down.
  37. The pressure from my bike is pressing onto the part where the clamp opens, which is the most vulnerable part of the adapter.
  38. There are labels on the adapter stating not to use it that way.
  39. Though I have carried bikes for years, I have never used a cross bar.
  40. This Swagman Bar arrived before I expected it, was packaged excellently, and was simple to attach and then remove.
  41. The bar made safely transporting an angled center-bar hybrid bike easy over miles of rugged mountain roads.
  42. I am truly pleased that I bought this one and recommend it to anyone needing a carrier adapter.
  43. The length from inside one end to the other is 22 1/2″.
  44. The distance from your seat post to handlebar stem (or other two mounting points) must be at least this far apart or this product won’t work for you.
  45. I gave this three stars as the quality of this is excellent.
  46. Both ends swivel as noted in other reviews and this helps for giving yourself more options.
  47. It really is a well made product but I couldn’t get it to work for me.
  48. The length was a bit too long for the adapter bar to have any tension so the bike sat on the rack slightly loose.
Buy Swagman Bar Adapter Deluxe here $26.61

ArcEnCiel Bike Bag

arcenciel bike bag Bike carrier Thule HangOn 972 3B for hook 3 bicycles
  1. I needed a bag that didn’t ride too low down my seat post.
  2. I recently bought a Garmin Varia bike radar and my old saddle bag extended too far down the post and it interfered with the bike radar.
  3. Without it I’m able to fit a multi-tool, tire tool, 1 tube, tube patch kit, Co2 inflator and a spare Co2 canister.
  4. For the price this was a great purchase and fits just how I needed it to.
  5. Came on time, easy to open, great package and product!!
  6. The item as described looked like it would work but unfortunately it did not work for me.
  7. I think puch eould be better if the phone pouch was converted to storage, but that’s just me.
  8. Came apart at the seams after a few weeks, but to be fair it was during Extremely rough use.
  9. Lots of straps for securing but not great if you need to remove the bag daily.
Buy ArcEnCiel Bike Bag here $9.98

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