May 1, 2018

Bike Carrier Handle-universal Silver

holder handle to carry size the bike silver Bike carrier handle universal silver
holder handle to carry size the bike silver 1 Bike carrier handle universal silver
High quality universal bracket for help when learning to ride on baby bikes from 12 to 20 inches.
– instantly mounted on a saddle tube with a maximum diameter of 28 mm,
– appropriately contoured,
– equipped with a clamp with an adjustable diameter with a wing nut,
– comfortable, rubber grip.

Total length-65 cm

Brand: Olkas

olkas Bike carrier handle universal silver

Beamtop 48″ Aluminum Universal Car Roof Rack Cross Bars With T-Bolt Slot Carrying Luggage Bike Cargo Box Paddle Board Ski Perfect for Family Camping Trip, 2 Set

beamtop aluminum universal car roof rack cross bars with bolt slot carrying lugg Bike carrier handle universal silver
  1. Buyer is suggested to buy it when the car roof width less than 48″.
  2. Perfect Camping Trip Helper – Beamtop roof crossbars helps carrying your camping gear like bike, ski, paddle board, canoe etc,also works perfectly with cargo box, luggage racks, extend your car capacity while made your car has a sportier look!
  3. Absolutely handle the freeway speeds, never loosened or slid.
  4. Attention – There is 180 Days warranty offered to let buyers have a pleasant purchasing experience in our beamtop shop.
  5. Use Round head nuts to fix the bracket and mounting clamps.
  6. They slipped after one hour of driving and had to use extra effort to secure them.
  7. About 2 hours into the trip, one of them slipped off during a rain storm and I was unable to recover it.
  8. People are right about the instructions being bad, but other than that – Awesome !
  9. I strap my kayak, and or paddle board on the top, and don’t use front and back tie downs (on short trips , never took a super long one )- I AM SO HAPPY I TRIED IT !!!!!
  10. I took somewhat of a risk on this item due to the fact that there were a good amount of bad reviews on it.
  11. I will say it is hard to install if you are not a handy person or don’t have a redneck neighbor.
  12. I’m convinced any bad review is due to improper installation.
  13. First, the instructions are written in broken English which makes it a big thing if you don’t know what you are doing, in other words, if you are good at putting stuff together, you will figure it out, else it will be hard to install.
  14. Second, if you are not careful, they can be easily installed loosely.
  15. If installed correctly, it sits very sturdily on top of your car (I’ve tried moving them enough so I don’t damage the chassis).
  16. It is quieter than other cross bars I’ve owned (I’ve been driving with them at 65 – 75 mph and I always forget they are on top, if you turn on the stereo you won’t hear them at all.
  17. Untighten just a little bit ALL the “knob nuts” from ONLY one side of the crossbar (enough so you can slide the pieces with a little force).
  18. Do not let the door holder let go of the door frame (VERY IMPORTANT) and, at the same time, pull the bar as you try moving the piece that sits on top of your car inwards (meaning: slide it towards the center of your roof at the same time that you are pulling on the bar).
  19. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the other side, and repeat every step for every crossbar.
  20. WARNING: it was really hard to explain, so read it over and over again until you understand it, AND if you don’t understand it, don’t try it!
  21. Which will make you slide the pieces towards the center of the roof, generating more tension between the two sides of the bar when tightening the outside knob.
  22. They require about 1 inch on each side to “snap” into the ends of the crossbars.
  23. So, if your roof width is over 50 inches, you won’t be able to snap the end caps in but the roof rack will still function.
  24. It measured at around 51-52 inches wide at the roof so I bought these.
  25. I had to brake off the little plastic clip that snapped the end caps into place as the tower clamp came all the way up to the edge of crossbar’s edge.
  26. The result was that the end caps were not anchored into place.
  27. Instead they were just “jammed” into place and felt loose.
  28. I assumed that some of them would fall off while driving but none of them actually did.
  29. I gave this roof rack 4 stars instead of 5 because the installation instructions are too basic.
  30. They don’t describe that you will need to loosen the nut that adjusts the metal hooks that clamp around the top of your vehicle’s door frame (lets call them “door clamps”) to a point where you can then slide the door clamp under the base.
  31. Then you need to have the door clamp slide up the back side of the base so that the pointed edge of the bolt running through the adjustment nut fits into the little hole in the front edge of the door clamp.
  32. This way, when you tighten the nut, it pushes the bolt toward the center of your roof.
  33. With the “pointed edge” of the bolt poking through the little hole in the front of the door clamp, it pulls the door clamp tighter and tighter until the cross bar is secure on your roof.
  34. Photos showing this would have cleared up any possible confusion.
  35. Besides the unnecessarily vague installation instructions, this roof rack performed well.
  36. I fitted a Thule ski cargo case on it and drove it for 6 hours to my destination and back with zero problems.
  37. The roof rack didn’t budge and held the Thule tightly to the vehicle.
  38. In fact, with it’s aerodynamic shape, it was pretty quite (only a little bit of extra wind noise) and it didn’t affect the way the vehicle handled at all.
  39. I set my cruise control at 79 MPH and essentially forgot that this thing was on my roof.
  40. As long as you install it correctly this well-built system should do the trick.
  41. Bought for a 2015 Subaru WRX and one flew off ON THE HIGHWAY almost causing a wreck.
Buy Beamtop 48″ Aluminum Universal Car Roof Rack Cross Bars With T-Bolt Slot Carrying Luggage Bike Cargo Box Paddle Board Ski Perfect for Family Camping Trip, 2 Set here $52.99

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