April 23, 2018

Bike Bicycle Carrier Painted

bicycle rack of painted steel Bike bicycle carrier painted

bicycle rack of painted steel 1 Bike bicycle carrier painted
The bike is an excellent means of transport that offers healthy, pleasant, ecological driving, and by the way, a great way to burn calories.

Thanks to him, we can go on trips around the city and in the green areas, do shopping, do not have to wear them, or take the animal for a ride.

There are many models and models of cycling on the market with various equipment. Baskets and luggage are a great convenience, because the accessories and items that we want to take with us, can be transported stably and safely, and we can have spare hands and focus on driving. Thanks to these bicycle accessories, we can go to the forest or campfire even for the whole day and do not worry about the fact that we will not find this store to buy a drink or a lunch. We can take it with us.

Similarly with additional clothes, which we do not have to keep directly with us, and which are often useful. Bicycles without luggage can be supplied.


– Black color.

– Hole spacing 28 mm

Brand: SI Derdowski

si derdowski Bike bicycle carrier painted

Yakima Boa Bike Mount

yakima boa bike mount Bike bicycle carrier painted

  1. The Boa provides great stability with it’s sleek fork design, and attaches quickly with a locking Long Throw Skewer.
  2. I got the fork mount on and then went to the wheel portion.
  3. So I figure the second box will be complete and open it thinking at least I can get one rack up.
  4. They say they are sending the parts but also would like proof of purchase.
  5. Why would I want the parts if I had not purchase the rack.
  6. We’ll I have square cross-bars and I didn’t event want the whole sled that the bike mounting components sit on, so this took care of both of my problems.I bought it before the summer and I’m just taking it off now in November.
  7. I used it probably 3-5 times a week with a heavy mountain bike and a light road bike.
  8. I usually have a 20 mile highway commute when going mountain biking and that never posed a problem when traveling 65-80 on the highway.I wish it came with a lock but I found a way to use a U-bar lock around my rear tire and the cross bar.
  9. If you are looking for something low-profile, reliable, and a heck of a lot cheaper then the others, this is your style!
  10. I definitely recommend measuring your bike and your cross bars before buying just as the one comment on here recommends – I had to actually spread out my cross-bars to fit the length of my bikes.
  11. My only issue with the mount is the quick release for the fork.
  12. It can be a pain to loosen the bolt for use and was a bit of a hassle using the first few times.
  13. I avoid the instruction I had a hard time understating them.
  14. Other than this, this is a cheap alternative but provide secure transportation for the bicycle.

Buy Yakima Boa Bike Mount here $51.48

Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack

yakima forklift fork mount rooftop bike rack Bike bicycle carrier painted

  1. It keeps your bike pristine, not touching any painted surface.
  2. The fork-style roof rack bike mount fits nearly every crossbar right out of the box; no tools necessary.
  3. Because the outdoors is not just about the adventure, it’s about the stories told, the inside jokes and the shared memories.
  4. It’s been 30 years now, and we not only make safe, secure racks for your gear, what we really do is make room for butts in seats.
  5. Because we’re not just making the world’s finest car racks – we’re getting the gear out of the car and more friends in!
  6. I mounted this on a 2015 Subaru Outback, using the car’s existing crossbars (the ones that can be tucked away).
  7. The rack is the perfect one for the aero-shaped factory crossbars.
  8. The adjustmants possible (moving the jaws up or down, etc.) made it fit snugly and easily.
  9. Because the crossbars are so low to the roof, it paid to put down towels to protect the roof and it also meant that it was tight working with the toggle bolt since I have big hands, but loosening it enough to move freely made that part pretty easy too.
  10. All in all, I’m very happy that I found these instead of trying to adapt my old system to the car.
  11. The rack is a good solution for my Mazda 5 roof bars, though it’s somewhat challenging to get my fairly heavy Electra Townie on and off the car (I’m not a strong person).
  12. The new rack has a different “skewer” design than the old one.
  13. The old skewer had a “cap” on one end, and the locking/folding head screws on and off.
  14. The new skewer has the locking/folding head fixed to the bolt, and the cap on the opposite side screws on and off.
  15. My problem with the new design is that it’s simply not as secure as the old one.
  16. With a lock core fitted and locked, the old locking head simply cannot be removed when a bike is clamped in (well, it could be by somebody with a hacksaw or something, but it’s at least conceptually a sound system).
  17. Because the new skewer has a screw-off cap opposite the locking end, the lock is irrelevant: the screw can simply be removed and the bike is free.
  18. The attached photo shows the old skewer (“A” and “B” for the locking head and the fixed end cap), and the new skewer (“C” for the locking head and “D” is the screw-off endcap).
  19. Apparently there’s a mechanism in the new endcap on the skewer that does pretty much what the spring-loaded sleeve on the old locking mechanism did.
  20. When the cap is tight against the fork, it actually cannot be removed at all easily.
  21. Although this rack fits a ride variety of crossbar styles produced by both Yakima, Thule and many vehicle OEM’s, it would not fit my OEM crossbar as it was too close to the vehicle roof and the plastic clamp of the forklift simply did not have enough clearance to fit under it.
  22. Many cars have crossbars useful for appearances sake only.
  23. Luckily a new old stock GM accessory kit containing real crossbars (actually manufactured by Thule) were available for my car on for a fraction of the price an official set of thule or yakima crossbars and their towers.
  24. The Yakima forklift grabs these Thule Square type crossbars perfectly.
  25. The profile for them is even molded into the clamp for an exact fit.
  26. Two bolts are all that is holding your bike to the car.
  27. The quick release skewer is reverse threaded and unlike the quick release on your bike, the cam lever has a short throw so there is a relatively short adjustment range of about 1/2 turn between too tight and too loose.
  28. It is a bit more fiddly and counterintutive to use than expected.
  29. The rear wheel is secured by a ratcheting plastic strap.
  30. In my car the rack must mount rear wheel facing forward.
  31. I’m not so sure that strap is really intended to take the brunt of the force of the wind by being mounted in that direction.
  32. The instructions say its allowed, but to be safe I also tie down the rear wheel with rope.
  33. Overall the ease of attachment and the wide variety of crossbars this rack fits makes it a winner.
  34. I have a Volvo XC60, with the Volvo Factory Aluminum Cross Bars – the semi-aero profile.
  35. While the Yakima website does not state these will work for the XC60, the box the rack arrives states it will fit.
  36. I wanted a rack I could take on and off without using the T-bolt system as you have to cut the rubber in the cross bar for that, and it makes noise without the rack (wind noise).
  37. Good values compared to the Thule alternative and the sunroof clears fine.
  38. They required some fiddling at initial installation the get the clamps set at the right depth for the crossbars, but it took only about half an hour for both.
  39. We also purchased and installed the locking cores, which was a breeze.
  40. The design is sturdy, and the hatch opens fully without coming anywhere near the racks or the bikes.
  41. Once the bikes are up there, if you grab the frame and try to shake it, the whole CAR moves – that’s what I call solid.
  42. It’s a waste of resources to ship the entire frontloader back.
  43. There is no comparison between the older racks and these new ones.
  44. First, it is not a new product I received- there was another partially torn out sticker with someone else’s name on it.
  45. I added the lock so its secure when I stop for a bite to eat.
  46. From what I see the adaptor does not allow for locking, which is 90% part of why I went with on top of car.
  47. Currently have it on a ford escape and works perfectly.

Buy Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack here $107.98

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