April 23, 2018

Bicycle Service Stand Corsa 402

bike rack and service Corse Bicycle service stand Corsa 402

bike rack and service Corse 1 Bicycle service stand Corsa 402
Corsa service rack lifts the entire bicycle leaning against the bottom of the support frame. It is made entirely of aluminum.

The stand holds the bicycle very steady and firmly.


– the ability to submit makes it easy to carry and store

– adjustable height

– very stable

– fits all types of bikes

Brand: Peruzzo

peruzzo Bicycle service stand Corsa 402

Baiyu Adjustable Bicycle Bike Water Bottle Cage Holder Rack Bracket Aluminum Alloy + Plastic Universal Drink Bottle Mount Carrier Cycling Handlebar Component Support Kit 5 Colors

baiyu adjustable bicycle bike water bottle cage holder rack bracket aluminum all Bicycle service stand Corsa 402

  1. Perfect design helps to strengthen its hold, keeps bottles securely in place during cycling.
  2. Adjustable, rotating the screw to adjust the size for your pipe.
  3. Very sturdy to keep your water bottle safe during cycling.
  4. Convenient for you to drink water when you are thirsty.
  5. Adjustable, rotating the screw to adjust the size for your pipe.

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Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bicycle/Bike Repair Rack Stand

bikehand pro mechanic bicycle bike repair rack stand Bicycle service stand Corsa 402

  1. I debated between this and some of the less expensive stands available.
  2. But this was the only option that folded up in this price range.
  3. It is very stable once you have a bike on it, set up is quick and easy, and tear down is also painless.
  4. I am not sure if the plastics will hold up to years of abuse, time will tell on that one.
  5. The clamp does rotate 360 degrees, but spinning the clamp with the bike on the stand does feel like it is tearing up the plastic teeth.
  6. For this money it would be tough to find anything close to this good.
  7. Please see the video for a more detailed review and demonstration of this stand.
  8. It does everything I need it to, except hold the front wheel straight.
  9. You can put the bike at any angle, but you may have to move it back and forth in clamp jaws to maintain good balance/stability.
  10. They don’t pinch my brake cable, and should accommodate any shape.
  11. Though the feet give decent stability, hitting the brakes on a spinning fat-boy would probably tip it.
  12. Though I can put my wife’s step-through on it using the seat tube, it’s pretty unwieldy.
  13. My least favorite feature is the clamp jaw rotation lock(see photos).
  14. The surface area and tooth size of the interlocking gears is such that it will never slip.
  15. The mechanism used to lock it is quite good and should keep the teeth meshed reliably, but the plastic will wear and the lash that is inherent in this design will only grow.
  16. I wish they were metal and I wish the clamping mechanism pressure could be tightened.
  17. On the plus side, the gear tooth arrangement is positive locking, shouldn’t slip under normal use, and provides very fine angle selection.
  18. If you are a home mechanic and need a repair/tuning stand for reasonable money, this is a good choice.
  19. Having used it a while now, I like quite a lot and have raised to a 4-star.
  20. I initially wanted it to be more rigid but after using a while I have become more confident in it.
  21. Still not wild about interlocking nylon gears but cost/benefit is key and so far the the locking system is just fine and this remains a good value.
  22. D’oh!”] I have accidentally noticed that I can bind the seatpost while setting the height to keep the front wheel on the ground.
  23. This keeps the steering centered while creating a new three-point stability that is very nice to work on.
  24. It elevates the drive train for cleaning, adjusting and lubrication.
  25. The nut and bolt allows you tighten the big clamp were defective.
  26. It seems like a simple fix to replace them both instead of sending the whole thing back.
  27. The drawback may be that I would not be able to use the original tightening handle anymore because the propietary bolt has a ball on top to make the handle fit.
  28. I have experience with a friends Park Tool stand and I thought that I was going to go that route for sure.
  29. If you’re an avid bike mechanic, then this will probably wear down pretty quickly; some of the parts are plastic and I could see them wearing down with strenuous use.
  30. I like to do my own adjustments and bike work, and seeing as how my tool kit keeps expanding, not having a stand to work with was aggravating.
  31. I adjusted a friends mountain bike just the other day, and it performed very well.
  32. The only thing I might gripe is that it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much you need to turn the main clamp screw before you tighten it down.
  33. Don’t spend a ton on the Blue stuff unless you’re very serious.
  34. I was concerned parts some parts would rust (notably the springs and skewers).
  35. Glad to share after a thorough wash a month ago, the there is no sign of rust.
  36. It’s light weight enough so that if necessary you can pick up both it and your bicycle and move them around with little effort.
  37. Very compact when folded up for easy storage in a closet.
  38. It’s well constructed of good metal and high impact plastic parts.
  39. It you break this thing while using it you must have been to be doing something very wrong.
  40. A couple other points: The hold down clamp is rubber lined and holds my road bike very solidly.
  41. I’m restoring an old Fuji and this rack has been most helpful.
  42. I probably wouldn’t have tackled this project with out it.
  43. I looked at several maintenance racks at shops in town before deciding on this one.
  44. The racks that were half the cost of the Venzo were also much more flimsy.
  45. Others on the more expensive side appeared to be no better than this rack but they usually were heavier and somewhat cumbersome.
  46. I’m a home user type of recreational bicyclist though I do use my bike to get around Boston whenever I can.
  47. I researched quite a few and this one is great quality and a great value.
  48. Out of the box it looked durable and I expected it to work well.

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