April 23, 2018

Bicycle Mirror Cateye BM-500G-R Right

mirror cycling cateye bm  right Bicycle mirror Cateye BM 500G R right
mirror cycling cateye bm  right 1 Bicycle mirror Cateye BM 500G R right


– A light rear-view bicycle mirror fixed to the end of the steering wheel.
– Available in two versions-left and right.
– Strengthened. Designed for hard driving conditions. Wide angle of view.
– Glass resistant to scratches.
Easy assembly.
– Suitable for blades with inner tube diameter at the ends of 16 to 22mm.
– Weight only 78g.
– The price is for 1 item

Brand: Cateye

cateye Bicycle mirror Cateye BM 500G R right

CatEye – BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror, Black

cateye bar end bike mirror black Bicycle mirror Cateye BM 500G R right
  1. SLEEK: With minimal projection, you don’t have to sacrifice clean aesthetics for safety.
  2. CLEAR ROADS: The Bar End Mirror offers nearly distortion-free viewing so you can see the roads clearly and accurately.
  3. DURABLE: This aluminum and glass mirror will help keep you safe time and time again.
  4. FOR ALL BIKES: The Bar End Mirror fits both drop and flat handlebars.
  5. I had another barend mirror, but cars appeared so small that I couldn’t see them early enough to prepare for them.
  6. It stays in place even on rough terrain but my knee will occasionally knock it.
  7. Easy installation, very clear, and large enough to see cars coming from behind/the side.
  8. Won’t ride without one; I bought two of these for my commuting bike and my road bike.
  9. Bought this on recommendation as the perfect sized road cycling mirror – not too big to be goofball, and not too small to be useless.
  10. Didn’t want to chance that a replacement would have all the parts so opted for a refund.
Buy CatEye – BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror, Black here $13.36

CatEye – BM-500 G Bike Mirror

cateye bike mirror Bicycle mirror Cateye BM 500G R right
  1. The scratch resistant mirror is convex for wide angle viewing and is super easy to install.
  2. They work great for simple paved trail and road riding.
  3. We’re not extreme mountain bikers, we don’t do road races.
  4. We put between 100-500 miles on our bikes in a year, just hopping on them and cruising around a neighborhood or paved trail.
  5. These were easy to install on both Trek Hybrid bikes, they’re easy to adjust, and they haven’t slipped out of place for us.
  6. I remove them when transporting the bikes on hitch carriers for fear of them getting bumped around and broken.
  7. I’ll buy these again and recommend to my family and friends.
  8. Installed it on my bike, already didn’t like because the arm could bend to outside, but it is ok.
  9. Many people complain about it not being stiff enough to hold the position.
  10. I see this as a pro feature since I have drooped my bike on the mirror side and thanks to this design it has been able to bend and twist to protect itself from cracking.
  11. I do find it a little annoying that after riding far and rough terrain it tends to lose its position.
  12. The swivel mechanism is a little loose but not loose enough for wind to change position of it.
  13. But that is good so if it hits something like a branch it will swivel and not break off.
  14. Really folks, is it THAT hard to readjust your mirror???
  15. It mounts above the plane of the handlebar – I had one which mounted off the end and another below and in both vision was blocked by my arm and body.
  16. I think this is because this is not a good first surface mirror but a cheap plastic mirror.
  17. Also, it is hard to tighten the mirror enough so that it will stay in place and not be too tight and hard to adjust or break if hit a little hard.
  18. Which brings me to my major complaint – the little plastic stem holding the mirror proper to its bracket is too easily broken.
  19. One clipped to my helmet – horrible, and another fit the end of the handlebar but never was secure.
  20. It attaches easily and securely, and it adjusts to a good viewing position and provides clear views.
  21. You do have to cut off the end of the handlebar grip, but that is easily done.
  22. Very happy with this product – I ordered another for my wife’s bike.
  23. Great functionality and rear view, very easy installation.
Buy CatEye – BM-500 G Bike Mirror here $12.00 – $25.45

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