April 23, 2018

Bicycle Holder Taurus Bike Up Aluminum T2-100

handle bicycle bike taurus up aluminum Bicycle holder Taurus Bike Up aluminum T2 100
handle bicycle bike taurus up aluminum 1 Bicycle holder Taurus Bike Up aluminum T2 100

– Brand: Taurus
– Model: BikeUp
– Capacity of bicycles: 1 item
– Bicycle assembly in the holder: for the bicycle frame and bike
– Matches col: all
– Height adjustment of the frame holder: no
– Column fixing: zebra strips made of high quality plastic
– Closing the beam holder: no
– Closing the bike on the handle: yes, standard lock
– Possibility of mounting on both sides of the roof: yes
– Installation for aluminum beams (for brackets):yes, up to 58mm beam width
– Mounting to aluminum beams (in T-groove): no / optional attachment to aluminum joists can be purchased. in the groove "T"
– Inserts for aluminum beams included: no
– Installation for rectangular beams: yes
– For electric bikes: no
– Fits most bikes with disc brakes: yes
– TUV approval: yes
– City Crash certificate: no
– Diameter of the bicycle frame: 25-70mm
– Max. Bicycle weight: 17 kg

Brand: Taurus

Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver

allen sports deluxe bike hitch mount rack with inch receiver Bicycle holder Taurus Bike Up aluminum T2 100
  1. Allen’s® patented cradle system uses snug tie-downs to secure up to 4 bicycles.
  2. When not in use, the carry arms fold down, and the entire rack tilts to allow access to the lift gate.
  3. The powder-coated rack installs in just minutes with a no-wobble bolt that eliminates dangerous movement within the hitch.
  4. Fitting vehicles with a 2-inch trailer hitch, the Allen Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack is both easy to operate and super secure for your bikes.
  5. Constructed out of steel with a durable black powder finish, the rack is built to last and is backed up by a lifetime warranty by Allen.
  6. The Allen rack boasts a patented tie-down system and individually cradles up to five bikes in the 28-inch carry arms.
  7. As easy to install as it is to use, the rack sets up in less than 5 minutes with a no-wobble bolt that holds it still within the hitch.
  8. When the rack is not in use, the carry arms quickly drop out of the way and fold down flat with a patented single pin mechanism and the rack tilts up to allow easy access to the lift gate.
  9. Always a pathfinder, Allen took to work in his Lincoln, Massachusetts garage in search of a more efficient way to transport bikes.
  10. Today, the company owns over three-dozen patents and offers a versatile product line of bike racks while Dick’s son Alex now owns and operates the business.
  11. Please visit the Allen Sports web site for full details.
  12. This allows for greater flexibility in using your vehicle with the rack installed.
  13. The included No-Wobble Bolt will allow you to fully tighten the rack in place.
  14. Fit great in the factory trailer hitch of our Chrysler Town & Country and carried our 5 bikes on a 200 mile trip for our summer vacation.
  15. Folds down and folds out easily when the bikes are not on it.
  16. That is a Mtn bikers mecca and with 3 new mtbs for our kids we needed a way to bring 5 bikes to make the most of some great trails in the State Parks.
  17. So we were depending on this to have some Spring Break fun on 2 wheels.
  18. There are some design drawbacks that limit it’s viability for some vehicles.
  19. Being able to carry five bikes on a trailer hitch rack is a big deal when you need as much cargo space inside your vehicle as possible and you don’t have roof rack options at your disposal.
  20. This seemed like a good option and it carried 4 full-size adult bikes and one 24 inch girls youth mountain bike .
  21. Trek hard tail Mtn Bikes 2 were Diamond Back Trail bikes.
  22. So it worked as advertised and didn’t fold under the pressure.
  23. The ability to lean it back away from the bumper was a good convenience feature that came in very handy a couple time when we needed to open the back hatch of the SUV!
  24. CONS:
    Okay there are some definite drawbacks to this design.
  25. So the bikes are situated very close to your vehicle if your hitch receiver is not sticking out far behind your bumper.
  26. To fit 5 bikes on, One of the bikes must mount behind the post next to your vehicle/bumper.
  27. So this requires some careful planning of putting your bike on so you don’t scratch the back of your car.
  28. This hitchrack isn’t long enough to make it stick out enough to EASILY fit all 5 bikes on it.
  29. And there’s no way you’re opening the back hatch of your van or SUV.
  30. On a pickup truck there is obviously no problem unless you have some desire to open the door on the bed of your truck.
  31. If your hitch sticks out really far behind your vehicle bumper then you should also be in pretty good shape and have some extra space to fit the bike on the front of the rack and the back of your vehicle.
  32. For my SUV it was sitting pretty low to the ground and when the bikes were mounted they were also relatively low.
  33. The rack could have a taller post to raise the bikes for low sitting SUVs or vans.
  34. If you have a pickup truck or a high clearance vehicle where your hitch is more than 12 inches off the ground then you will have a lot more clearance for bikes.
  35. There was one moment when I heard the bottom of this rack scrape the ground going into a parking lot with a big dip.
  36. You could try to do something like wrap some thin padding around but it’s not a completely snug fit.
  37. The hole for the Bolt is smaller than standard therefore I could not use my lock to lock this rack into the receiver.
  38. The bolt that it comes with works but seems a little strange the way it is made.
  39. Basically the cons for this have to do with fit and clearance concerns found in the design.
  40. The two features that stand out are the pins which are securely wired/attached at key hinge points.
  41. That mostly comes in handy when you need to get inside the back of a van or SUV.
  42. It doesn’t really help you load or unload bikes at all in my opinion.
  43. And there’s a pin that allows you to lower the horizontal bars that your bikes are mounted on.
  44. This just comes in handy when you don’t have the ability to take the rack out while you’re on a trip yet you are not carrying bikes at all.
  45. It sits on your rig in a more tidy compact way when not in use.
  46. The rack is not Ultra long so it doesn’t add too much length to your rig or but it can be difficult to put 5 bikes on this rack.
  47. All of your bikes must be really closely placed together because of the spacers between each set of rack mounts.
  48. When we first left I loosened the handlebars on the four adult bikes sitting on the back.
  49. Allowing the handlebars to turn parallel to the frame and wheels was helpful required more careful mounting to avoid cable damage on brakes and shifters.
  50. This was a moderate inconvenience because ultimately the bikes were still tough to fit in place so I don’t think it was worth it.
  51. Plus it required having to deal with retightening and adjusting the handlebars after we arrived at our destination.
  52. You couldn’t just get there and go fir a ride immediately or even walk the bikes around easily.
  53. Returning home I mounted the bikes without loosening the handlebars and all 5 bikes fit on the rack by alternating their orientation with handlebars facing opposite directions on each adjacent bicycle .
  54. You have to adjust pedals and handlebars to make sure the bikes sit well and strap down properly into the velcro straps and mounting brackets.
  55. I have had a trunk rack for years that has the same kind of set up so even though it can be difficult to figure out it’s easy once you do.
  56. You just have to keep adjusting bike parts around each other.
  57. The reason I consider this a positive thing is because once you have the bikes all on and seated properly these velcro straps hold them very securely and I never felt like the bikes were going to fall off or come loose from the rack.
  58. It’s also really easy to just loosen the velcro straps and pull them off when you’re ready to go for a ride.
  59. So it takes time getting bikes on but getting them off is super convenient and easy.
  60. I do suggest having two people put the bikes on especially when you mount the very front bike that sits closest to your vehicle.
  61. I like the fact that your 5 bikes don’t stick out more than 4 – 5 feet away from the vehicle.
  62. It seems like the compact design improves safety and streamlines your vehicle aerodynamics so the bikes don’t get too much wind shear and the potential problems that could cause.
  63. I was a little worried about all the weight 5 bikes would put on this rack but it held like a Champion and seemed to have no major distress.
  64. I even tilted it down several times with all 5 bikes mounted on and it held just fine so that is a great feature allowing access to cargo.
  65. Summary:
    The Allen Sports 5 bike Deluxe hitch mount bike rack is a great value for a driver who wants to bring 5 bikes on the road for some group fun on two wheels.
  66. The rack is sturdy and big enough to get the job done while still being small enough to be convenient.
  67. It’s not for professional cycling crews who have big expensive bikes that are competition ready.
  68. This is a great family vacation or weekend warrior rack for those who don’t have pickup trucks or roof mounts that allow them to carry a lot of bikes easily.
  69. For the price it’s definitely worth it just be ready to put in a little work to get the bikes on board.
  70. Getting them off and other uses are very well oriented in this system.
  71. It helps if your hitch is a little higher off the ground but if you’re a careful driver you should have no problems.
  72. Smaller youth bikes will fit on this rack without a problem.
  73. This is a very good option for those who need to get their family bikes on the road and want to keep a tight budget.
  74. I recently used this rack on my Toyota Venza during a 700-mile trip and it performed flawlessly.
  75. With zero noise, I frequently forgot it was hanging off the back of the car.
  76. There was no side to side movement and very little bounce over rough roads (using the supplied anti-wobble bolt).
  77. The locking pins for tilt and folding are solid and very easy to use.
  78. Since the whole assembly tilts backwards, accessing the tailgate was painless.
  79. Remember to press the power liftgate disable switch if you have one so the door doesn’t try to open against the rack.
  80. The frame holders are flexible and rotate which makes securing odd shaped frames less difficult.
  81. The straps are sturdy and have sealed / melted ends to prevent fraying.
  82. A friend bought a different brand and model at the same time and we both used them on a trip together.
  83. It is sturdy, assembled easily, and uses a specific widening bolt that eliminates any wobble.
  84. This model uses tie down webbing straps as opposed to rubber straps.
  85. These are probably more cumbersome to attach and detach, but worked fine for their main purpose of keeping the bikes from falling off.
  86. The key difference between this one and my friend’s was that the “cradles” on which the bike rail sits are able to be rotated around the metal pole.
  87. This was enormously helpful because we had some little kids bikes that did not have a long enough frame to stretch from pole to pole.
  88. He was not able to use the rack for his children’s bikes.
  89. The rotating “cradles” allowed me to adjust how I attached the bike to the frame and to get a snug fit.
  90. I have a mechanical engineering background and believe this rack will hold up for a long time.
  91. One bike sits between the car & rack car attachment while 4 sit on the other side as expected.
  92. If you have bigger bikes or mountain bikes I do NOT recommend it.
  93. Holds 5 bikes pretty easily, just a little coordinating needed to arrange them so they’ll fit.
Buy Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver here $119.97

LT Sport 00842148149919 For FORD F-150/ESCORT/E-350 ECONOLINE CLUB WAGON Aluminum Bike Rack

lt sport for ford escort econoline club wagon aluminum bike rack Bicycle holder Taurus Bike Up aluminum T2 100
  1. Professional Install is always requested: Caution: Do not fit vehicle trunk with spoilers.
  2. If the item you have ordered is defective, does not fit or unsatisfied quality, please contact us.
  3. We will replace the problem item for you with an item of equal or greater functionality.
  4. In the event a suitable replacement is not available, a refund will be issued in the form of the original payment method (the refund amount will not include all of the insurance, transaction, shipping or any installation fee).
Buy LT Sport 00842148149919 For FORD F-150/ESCORT/E-350 ECONOLINE CLUB WAGON Aluminum Bike Rack here $49.50

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