September 14, 2018


pump beto CMPB BETO CMPB 02B pump
pump beto CMPB 1 BETO CMPB 02B pump
The offered model (CMPB-02B)
has a double-sided, efficient piston-additionally increasing the efficiency of the pump.
The pump is equipped with the "double shot" function, which is responsible for increasing the pumping speed.
The set also includes:
– A solid grip that easily attaches the pump to the bicycle frame
– Supplementary needle-used to inflate the ball.
The pump is universal-compatible with standard FV (Presta), AV (car, Schrader)
and DV (Dunlop)
valves. Made of plastic, characterized by small dimensions-it is light and ergonomic.

– Ultra light-only 77 g
– Pumping function when moving in two directions = 2 times faster inflated wheel!
– Sealing lever
– Ball Needle
– Fixing to the frame with the water bottle basket
– Fits car, bicycle, Presta!
– valve Length: 20.5cm

Brand: Beto

beto BETO CMPB 02B pump

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