September 14, 2018

BBB Quickkick BBB Support Black BKS-02 For Child’s Bicycle 16-24″

prop bbb quickkick black bks to bike BABY BBB Quickkick BBB support black BKS 02 for childs bicycle 16 24
Children’s bicycle stool 16-24″

Size-suitable for child’s bike 16-24"

Brand: BBB

BBB bike stand QuickKick Kids BKS-03

bbb bike stand quickkick kids bks BBB Quickkick BBB support black BKS 02 for childs bicycle 16 24
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    Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

    snoozer sporty bike basket BBB Quickkick BBB support black BKS 02 for childs bicycle 16 24
    1. Be sure your bicycle can accommodate this measurement on its handlebars.
    2. Bottom support bar will rest on neck of bike 10” down from where the straps attach to handlebars.
    3. Be sure brake cables and other items are free of this area.
    4. This comfy, easy-to-use bike basket keeps your pup safe and snug while allowing him to enjoy the view.
    5. The durable microfiber exterior easily wipes clean, and the removable inner polyurethane pad inside softens the ride and adds to your pet’s comfort.
    6. A padded chin rest is perfect for taking in the view, and a rain cover protects pups and has a head opening.The Sporty Bike Basket has a water bottle pocket for your convenience, and multiple mesh pockets allow you to bring toys, treats, and food for Fido or Fifi.
    7. Available in your choice of pink or gray, this innovative bike basket easily attaches to your bicycle handlebars.
    8. Norman O’Donnell wanted something better for his dogs but found that pet shops didn’t sell such products.
    9. So, in 1985, he established O’Donnell Industries to manufacture Snoozer?
    10. Allows you to take along your canine pal on bike rides.
    11. After looking around at various brands, I decided on this one because it had the best reviews and looked the sturdiest.
    12. It has a metal brace in the bottom of the basket that rests on the bike’s fork.
    13. The basket attaches to the handlebars via buckle straps.
    14. I had to slightly move my bike cables out of the way for the straps, but no big deal.
    15. Definitely measure your bike and compare to the product’s measurements.
    16. I have a mountain bike (adult small frame, 26″ wheels) with plenty of room for the basket, but smaller bikes may not be able to accommodate this basket as it’s fairly large.
    17. He loves having me do all the work of riding while he relaxes 🙂 He is almost 12 lbs and about 16-17″ long and fits fine.
    18. Since his body is so long, he sits sideways in the basket, but he is very comfortable and has room to move around.
    19. He is still growing, so I’ll update the review if he ends up outgrowing the basket, but for now he has enough space to fit comfortably and isn’t too heavy for it.
    20. The side pockets are perfect for holding his leash and a bottle of water.
    21. The top pocket holds the rain cover, which I haven’t had a chance to test out and probably won’t use.
    22. The basket also has two strap handles in case you want to carry your dog around off the bike.
    23. It’s sturdy and durable and should last a very long time!
    24. UPDATE 5/13/13: My dog is now 17 lbs, and this basket is holding up just fine!
    25. Size-wise my dog barely fits in the basket now (about 13″ tall and about 16″ from neck to rear end), but he still insists on frequent bike rides!
    26. This basket is still going strong and looks as good as new nearly a year later.
    27. I followed other commenters advice and got her used to it on the floor of our front room with treats, toys and praise.
    28. After a couple days of that silliness, I buckled her in with her harness on and went for a little walk.
    29. On that first ride she did try to jump out when a squirrel crossed our path.
    30. Most of her body was outside the basket, but I quickly stopped and popped her back inside.
    31. For our succeeding rides, I’ve tightened both her harness and the doggie seat belt.
    32. We ride back and forth to the dog park (about 5 miles round trip) and we pass squirrels, bunnies, birds and other dogs with no attempt at escape.
    33. I cannot tell you how happy people are when they see us pedaling along.
    34. Anyway, lots of fun, safe for pup, easy to use, easy to ride/handle bike and I get to avoid driving shorter distances with my pup!
    35. She looks a little miserable in this pic, but she honestly loves it!
    36. When the weather is good I use this every weekend with my two dogs.
    37. They both fit in the basket together (10lbs each) and enjoy being taken out for rides.
    38. The basket went together very fast and it seems well made.
    39. They were already used to riding in a booster seat in the car so no training was necessary.
    40. The straps went on quick and were easily adjusted to fit on the handle bars.
    41. It seems very universal no matter what kind of handle bars you have.
    42. The pockets held water bottle, phone, glasses, bags, leashes, and of course the rain jacket with room for more.
    43. The brace on the bottom worked with no problems, but we will probably secure it with zip ties or a strap to the neck for longer and maybe more bumpy rides.
    44. But because it comes flat in the box and all you have to do to assemble it is to close the diagonal zipper on the bottom of the bag, it is not as sturdy as I would want it to be.
    45. As you’re riding the bike and barely making turns, the basket sways from side to side causing it to go from being a square shape to a rhombus shape, and back to a square shape.
    46. I’ll be designing my own make-shift attachments in order to keep the four corners at a sturdy 90 degree angles at all times.
    47. I do also wish there was a better design to attach the basket to the bike in a more secure way as well.
    48. It comes with adjustable straps which wrap around the handle bars.
    49. I wish the adjustable part of the strap were metal or at least had teeth on the plastic to keep the straps from loosening.
    50. It comes with a metal “frame” which only adds support to the middle three inches on the basket, which then balances on to the middle tube of your bike.
    51. I didn’t quite feel safe about this piece staying balanced/centered, so I zip-tied the metal piece to my bike to keep it from sliding off.
    52. I wish the metal support on the bottom supported more of the bottom, instead of just the middle three inches.
    53. But I’ll be designing some additional attachments for the basket to further secure it to my bike as far as sturdiness and safety goes.
    54. The clasp inside attaches to his harness which doesn’t allow him to jump out (incase he ever wanted to).
    55. Plenty of storage for his treats and water bottle and my keys and cell phone.
    56. I’ve hit a few bumps while riding and the basket stays secure.
    57. The only thing I would change is the color of the lining.
    58. Only because I live in Miami where the sun is strong and the black lining can get pretty warm.
    59. Other than that this is a great product for a small dog.
    60. I’m not sure if I would recommend this for a heavier dog.
    61. Because he is so small I wish it was a little padded, but I intend to fix that with a small blanket or piece of fleece material.
    62. It doesn’t stay up that well- falls more than I’d like.
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