April 23, 2018

Basket Of The Alu-Star Water Bottle Red

basket water bottle al red star title Basket of the Alu Star water bottle red
Very good quality basket made of high quality aluminum. Contoured plastic fixings. Lacquered like a bicycle frame, which provides high resistance to scratches and chips.


Brand: Simpla

simpla Basket of the Alu Star water bottle red

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 Oz Sport Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod and Insulating Sleeve Combo Set + 27 Fruit Infused Water Recipes eBook Gift – Your Healthy Hydration Made Easy

hydracy fruit infuser water bottle sport bottle with full length infusion rod an Basket of the Alu Star water bottle red
  1. With your delicious infusion packed with vitamins and nutrients next to you, you will easily adopt a healthy hydration habit proven to increase your energy level, facilitate weight loss, detox and feeling rejuvenated!
  2. NO SWEAT & COOLER: unlike others all our bottles come with their own sweat proof insulative cover.
  3. Say Goodbye to condensation which can potentially create a mess in your carry bag and say Hello to your fruit infused water staying deliciously fresh at least 50% longer!
  4. SAFE & SIMPLE TO USE: Built with sturdy premium BPA free eco-friendly Eastman Tritan, your bottle can be used and reused safely by everyone adults or kids.
  5. The metal ring latch on the flip top ensures the bottle is securely sealed and 100% leakproof.
  6. SMART & STYLISH DESIGN: easy to carry in backpack pocket or using extra convenient carry handle.
  7. Special fitted grips on both sides for a more comfortable and secure handling.
  8. Flip top Lid give you instant access to your infused water, large capacity reducing refilling needs, fits most car holders, 2-in-1 just remove the infuser and you have a nice sport bottle.
  9. Ideal for gift, why not buy another one for a friend or family member?
  10. YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ★ We are so sure you will absolutely love your bottle that it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guaranteed: if for whatever reason you are not absolutely 100% thrilled by your infuser, we will refund or replace it, no question asked!
  11. Kick-start your healthy habit and order your awesome bottle risk-free NOW!
  12. Have you often tried to cut on unhealthy and expensive flavored drinking or artificial sugary sodas without success?
  13. Or maybe you are already infusing your water but find yourself having to refill your fruit infused water bottle over and over because it is too small and is leaking from time to time?
  14. The Hydracy 32oz water bottle is the answer to your hydration struggles and the best solution on the market:• LONGER INFUSER: even with your bottle half full your water taste delicious!
  15. OUTER SLEEVE: comfortable insulation sleeve absorbs perspiration and keep your drink fresh longer
    LEAK PROOF: Thanks to the single button release locking flip top, you can rest assured that your beverage stays where you want.
  16. Fruits, veggies, herbs, tea, still or sparkling water: the possibilities for combining ingredients are really endless, adults and kids can get very creative!
  17. Take control of your hydration: have fun making your own natural detox beverage and start feeling better day after day.
  18. The Hydracy 32oz bottle not only looks great but is the perfect travel buddy for men and women during their workout or the day-to-day at the officeClick on the BUY Button NOW and join THOUSANDS of happy customers!
  19. The infuser basket on this particular bottle is a great size which allows you to add a lot of diffrent things to it, this bottle is large but also easy to hold and grip because there’s silicone indents for your fingers.
  20. This product comes packaged great in it nice labled box for those of you buying for gifts this would be easy to wrap up.
  21. There is also a plastic ring on the side which allows you to carry the bottle with one finger, this is a great option for when you have to carry other things.
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  23. I recieved this bottle at a discounted promotional price for my unbiased review!
  24. All parts are dish-washer safe (except for the fabric sleeve, of course.
  25. I would also put small pieces on the top rack instead of bottom)


    This product is just awesome.
  26. I had a strawberry infused water and avoided dealing with the floating fruits.
  27. This bottle is a great quality product, and an even greater design.
  28. Check my pictures and let me know if you have questions or comments.
  29. I was given the opportunity to try this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange of my honest opinion.
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  31. The little inner container to keep the fruit in one area is fine, but I found that I don’t need it.
  32. This size leaves plenty of room for fruit, ice, and liquid!
  33. I just drop fruit in the bottom, pack some ice, and then add some type of beverage.
  34. I love adding sparkling water best, but I’ve used filtered water and black tea as alternatives.
  35. The first week I bought a bunch of mint and strawberries at the grocery store to put in.
  36. I leave the fruit in all day and just keep refilling ice and water.
  37. I have gotten tons of comments about how delicious it looks (I didn’t have the bottle covered up with the cover provided).
  38. If you use mint, it can out-flavor the strawberries depending on how much you use.
  39. If you like lots of mint, twist them a little to make little tears in the leaves- this releases more flavor.
  40. I love it – it doesn’t sweat all over my desk (I am a teacher) and it makes it easy for me to know I have reached my water intake amount.
  41. I am crazy for this product and give it 5 stars for sure – worth every penny.
  42. This was a price that I liked way better and I can drink at any speed I want.
  43. I hate bottles you have to suck the water out, and this one you don’t.
  44. The water opening is also big enough you can take large gulps if you want or drink slower.
  45. I don’t always infuse the water, but one of my favorite ones is a small apple, 5-6 pieces thinly sliced ginger, and a cinnamon stick – which I do reuse the same cinnamon stick a few times.
  46. It does help me drink more water because I know it’s 32 oz and I need to at least be drinking 2 full bottles and I try for 3 everyday.
  47. This bottle is very sturdy, I take it on 4 wheeler rides in the mountains and it has been dropped several times.
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  49. My problem with it is that the basket that holds the fruit is very difficult to screw into the top, as if the treads do not line up properly.
  50. Just a note, it comes with a sleeve to match so you don’t need to get one.
  52. When I ordered it I got an email the next day with my recipes and those are awesome.
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