April 23, 2018

Baggy Bag Kelly’s Hook Black

pannier rack of the kelly hook and black Baggy bag Kellys Hook black
The bag for Kelly’s Hook is made of polyester with waterproof Waterproof construction.

High removable part with a basic capacity of 8L with the possibility of enlargement by an additional 3L.

Additional elastic braces allow you to wear the upper part of the bag in the form of a backpack.

Elastometer enabling the attachment of additional luggage.

Side parts of the bag with a total volume of 35L. with 2 additional pockets and water bottle pockets.

Elastometer enabling the attachment of additional luggage. 3M reflective elements that increase the visibility of the cyclist after dark.


– Total volume: 46L

– High quality YKK zippers

– Reflective elements 3M

– Color: black

Brand: Kellys

kellys Baggy bag Kellys Hook black

Bait Baggies Easy-Load Bait Bags (Variety #1 10 Pk.)

bait baggies easy load bait bags variety pk Baggy bag Kellys Hook black

  1. Use for liver bags, dough baits, your special mixes and more.
  2. Have fun and try baiting substances you never could use before.
  3. Baiting possibilities are near endless with Bait Baggies, so, “Pack ’em a Lunch!” and Good Fishing.

Buy Bait Baggies Easy-Load Bait Bags (Variety #1 10 Pk.) here

ChicoBag Snack Time rePETe (Recycled PET) Baggies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags, Pack of 3

chicobag snack time repete recycled pet baggies snack and sandwich reusable bags Baggy bag Kellys Hook black

  1. The reusable bags feature a food-safe, water and stain resistant liner that makes for easy cleaning.
  2. Each reusable snack pouch is machine washable and complete with a stylish, subtle print.
  3. They look durable and easy to use, however, I was expecting something that was adjustable to a snack size since it says that in the name of the item.
  4. It is adjustable, from sandwich bag size to larger, just not smaller.
  5. These were just a trial run, so I’ll use them for sandwiches and find smaller bags for fruit, veggies and other snacks.
  6. They have been used once a day, 5 days a week for sandwiches.
  7. They say they are machine washable on cold, with mild detergent and no softeners.
  8. It ends up being an expensive purchase to only get one months use from them.
  9. I will be contacting the manufacturer hopefully for refund.
  10. I also purchased some Bumpkins bags when I saw these were not adjustable to snack size, and they are holding up just fine and are not as bulky.
  11. Update: manufacturer responded promptly and replaced the whole set of bags with a set from a different lot.
  12. However, they have started peeling also after just two months of use (being cold machine washed with gentle detergent as instructed and hung to dry).
  13. Perhaps if you wanted to handwash them, they might last longer, but that was not my purpose, and I specifically bought these b/c they said they were machine washable.
  14. I will keep them at two stars only because their customer service was good.
  15. I have contacted them about a reimbursement at this point and am waiting for a reply.
  16. They have given me return information and say they will refund my purchase and the return shipping.
  17. They also said that the next shipment of these bags will be made with a new liner.
  18. Hopefully that fixes the problem, but I think since the size wasn’t the best for my uses, and I have already tried two sets, I will probably just get more of the Bumpkins bags that I have had good success with.
  19. Again, their customer service is great, I just can’t recommend this product.
  20. Last update: The company did indeed refund me for my purchase and return shipping.
  21. Again, excellent customer service, but I just can’t recommend this particular product.
  22. Instead, I ordered these reusable bags, and we’re loving them!
  23. They’re a great size, since they can hold a full sandwich or fold over to become smaller when all we have is a few crackers or carrot sticks in the bag.
  24. They’re easy to wash, if you put them inside out and wash them while you’re doing dishes anyway.
  25. I drape them over my dishes as they dry or hang them in my pantry to dry.
  26. The bags seem to be great quality, and I’m expecting them last awhile.
  27. The interior stains a bit from certain foods (like carrots) but who cares?
  28. I hand wash the interior, turn them inside out to dry and they’re ready in an hour for their next use.
  29. The ‘adjustable’ part of the description is in the other direction – they are actually much longer than expected based on what I saw in the picture of the product because the bags are folded in half (in the product picture provided by the seller).
  30. They are a bit discoloured on the outside which can be expected from the constant use but not so appetizing so I am replacing them.
  31. Instead of throwing out a bag every day, I saw these, had been happy with the Chico reusable shopping bags, and decided to try these.
  32. Do be careful on keeping things (like veggies) in them for more than a day (they’re not airtight), and washing them (turn them inside out).
  33. They are large enough so there is no fight getting the sandwiches in and they are waterproof.
  34. The material is quick to dry so each night I simply turn inside out, hand wash in the sink and set to dry on the dish rack.
  35. I bought them for my grandson who has ot used them yet.

Buy ChicoBag Snack Time rePETe (Recycled PET) Baggies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags, Pack of 3 here $15.38

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