September 18, 2018

Bag KW-618-13 20″ -29″ For Black Disc Brakes

quarter rack of the brake disc black Bag KW 618 13 20  29 for black disc brakes
Adjustable seat carrier, compatible with disc brakes.
Suitable for cycles from 20″to 29".


Brand: kaiwei

kaiwei Bag KW 618 13 20  29 for black disc brakes

MIER 20 Inch Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment Men Duffel Bag, Medium, Black

mier inch gym bag with shoe compartment men duffel bag medium black Bag KW 618 13 20  29 for black disc brakes
  1. Special design for Riser vent on the front and shoe compartment which means we never came home with a mysterious potpourri of heinous body odors trailing behind us after days of running, heavy lifting, and swimming.
  2. Padded and waterproof bottom still able to protect contents from the usual grime of gym lockers and floors.
  3. I especially like the pocket for the shoes to keep my clothes away from the dirt on the shoes.
  4. Per description, the mesh pocket was for water bottles and I had placed gym lock & keys that caused the problem.
  5. Upgrade from 3 stars to 4 stars due to great customer service.
  6. Anyway, I love it, it goes with my overall gym aesthetic and gives me space for my shoes, extra underwear, feminine products, toiletries, gloves, rope and everything.
  7. Maybe aside from the water bottle net and the strap itself.
  8. The holes cut out on the side came cut with some dull hole puncher because that thing was not even cut out I had to scrape out the remains.
  9. I carry heavy stuff around, and you wont believe me when I tell you its no padding at all!!!
  10. It looks like it doesnt it, but its actually just a flat bar of plastic, which WILL give you shoulder pain.
  11. I fit an arm blaster, lifting belt, head phones, water bottles, clothes, gym shoes, on top of about 10 more things and i still have room.
  12. On the side there’s a mesh pocket that fits shoes or whatever large items you need.
  13. The other side has the same pocket but no mesh and i put my chalk in there.
  14. I’ve been using this bag for a month and a half maybe longer and it looks and operates like i just took it out of the plastic it came in.
  15. If you are looking for a spacious gym bag that’s not bulky but an overall perfect size, then this is your bag.
  16. This company has earned a customer for life, i will now only buy my bags from this company.
  17. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and after class our rash guards contain a plethora of bad bacteria and sweat.
  18. It’s nice to be able to store that in the side compartment so your whole back does not become compromised.
  19. Plenty of small compartments to put jewelry in, can fit a BJJ gi, rashguard, shin pads, and a pair of shoes.
  20. When it arrived, I was going on a trip, and it was an awesome carry on bag for the plane.
  21. This bag really is one of my best investments for gym equipment.
  22. The shoe compartment is the most exciting aspect of it all!!
  23. Only cons would be 2 things 1 it’s very flimsy like it won’t stand up on its own.
  24. Which is nice to a point because of shoving in lockers but I think a little firmness would be nice for getting things in and out.
  25. Velcro or something cause that’s where I throw my keys because it’s the easiest excessable spot but they always seem to fall out.
  26. I’ve carried my stuff in rain and snow, and everything inside is dry.
  27. Overall the bad is well made and fits what i needed it for.
Buy MIER 20 Inch Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment Men Duffel Bag, Medium, Black here

DALIX 19″ Gym Duffel Bag with Water Bottle / Valuables Soft Side Pockets

dalix gym duffel bag with water bottle valuables soft side pockets Bag KW 618 13 20  29 for black disc brakes
  1. Mesh pockets aren’t actually big enough for a standard bicyclist’s water bottle.
  2. Don’t expect this to be a bug-out bag or overnight bag, nor should you expect it to carry much weight.
  3. The mesh pockets might be big enough for your gym combination lock but come across as cosmetic and rather useless.
  4. Don’t expect to put a normal-sized bicyclists reusable water bottle, phone or even a wallet in the mesh pockets.
  5. However, there are plenty of other useful pockets to organize stuff into.
  6. There are four grommeted feet on the bottom of the bag that are more for style than function because the bottom of the bag sags onto the floor making the grommets fairly useless.
  7. There is a soft plastic removable board on the bottom of the center compartment that covers the grommets and may provide some token support to lay your clothes on.
  8. The canvas from which the bag was made has a plastic coating on the side that faces the bag interior, ostensibly to resist dampness from wet gym towels or swim trunks.
  9. Don’t rely on this coating to keep the bag from leaking if you perch this duffel with wet clothes onto your priceless hand-waxed antique cherry-wood coffee table.
  10. Don’t put this bag in the washing machine because the plastic coating will deteriorate and leave little bits of debris flaking all over the inside of your bag.
  11. If you’re a gym rat, expect to buy another bag in six months or less.
  12. I would like to have seen more quality and craftsmanship in its construction and design.
  13. Roomy enough to carry my gym and raquetball stuff, but definitely not too big to fit in a locker.
  14. Plus my racquet is yellow, so the fashion side of me is happy!
  15. Love the four zippered exterior pockets as well – safe place for car keys, club card, phone, etc.
  16. Plenty of inside room, 2 outside end compartments and 1 in front.
  17. Inside also comes with a hard plastic piece that is removable that sits on the bottom to give you a solid bottom.
  18. All in all I was impressed by the bag for what I paid, this was a steal of a deal!
  19. It is also available in the 17″ This will easily fit 2 sets of workout clothes, shoes, a towel, extra water, and room for a few more items.
  20. Outside compartments hold my keys, lock, smaller towels and my soaps and shampoo’s with more room to spare if needed.
  21. This is definitely a great bag with quality workmanship.
  22. Sprayed water from my shower head on it and it beaded right of, great feature to have.
  23. Pros:
    I really like the thought process behind the design of this bag.
  24. You have a large main compartment that easily fits a pair of scrubs and an instrument tray.
  25. The front zipper pocket is wide enough to fit a variety of flat items (surgical glove packets, surgical masks, pad of paper, etc.).
  26. Like most bags in it’s class, there are two mesh pouches on the front for small water bottles, sunglasses, large cell phones, etc.
  27. And, as a nice bonus not seen on many duffel bags, you have a small, zippered pocket between the main compartment and each of the side compartments!
  28. These two zipper pouches are great for personal items (keys, cell phone) and small surgery items like surgery caps, packages of blades, individual suture foils, etc.
  29. You have two options to carry the bag–a shoulder strap or two handles that velcro together.
  30. Beyond the design, I like the variety of colors this bag comes in.
  31. Whatever your favorite color or hospital theme, you will find it!
  32. The price is also very economical, and the bag comes in a 17″ & 19″ version in this design.
  33. Cons:
    Even though the main compartment is a good size, it’s just a smidgen small for carrying everything I will eventually need for surgery.
  34. Unfortunately, since I really like the design, I’ll probably have to upgrade to a slightly bigger bag.
  35. I’ve already noticed a few places starting to pull apart and one spot that doesn’t look like it was ever securely stitched.
  36. I’m not sure yet whether I might keep it and just reinforce key points or if I’ll have to return it due to the poor construction.
  37. I definitely hope that the company decides to improve the stitching on this bag and offer a 21″ version in this design.
  38. Got the purple one and it is a really pretty shade of purple!
  39. It will hold my towel for the sauna, flip flops for the shower and a change of clothes.
  40. I am able to fit everything I need for the gym into this bag.
Buy DALIX 19″ Gym Duffel Bag with Water Bottle / Valuables Soft Side Pockets here $13.95

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