April 23, 2018

Bag FastRider Double Bag Uni 28 5 L Black

pannier fastrider double bag uni black Bag FastRider Double Bag Uni 28 5 L black

– Panniers with a classic, simple look.

– Made of waterproof material.

– Load space with the possibility of its arrangement.

– Each of the panniers is fastened with two adjustable buckles.

– Reflective elements increasing safety.


Dimensions-37 x 32 x 12 cm

Capacity-28.5 L


Brand: FastRider

Axiom Mk 3 Alu Journey Uni-Fit Cycle Rear Rack, Black

axiom alu journey uni fit cycle rear rack black Bag FastRider Double Bag Uni 28 5 L black

  1. It is designed to fit disc-equipped bicycles, bicycles without eyelets, road bikes and traditional bicycles.
  2. I used to carry everything in a backpack but am now wholeheartedly converted to the pannier lifestyle aka Not Arriving Everywhere With A Gross Sweaty Back.
  3. The lower, further back option for pannier placement has been very welcome on my compact frame.
  4. However – it did not come with instructions nor quite enough parts for mounting behind the brake.
  5. I’m not gonna lose sleep over 10ยข of nuts and bolts from the hardware store and I did get it on my bike in the end, but some diagrams would have been appreciated.
  6. I have 27″ wheels but ended up using the 28″ holes on the feet which seemed to be the most natural fit for the rack combined with the particulars of my frame.
  7. The main issue I had was after about 14 months (around 2,200 miles) the rack broke.
  8. My previous rack, a Toepeak that is no longer made, lasted 8 years on the same bike.
  9. While the Axiom lasted it was great, but did not last as long as the Toepeak.
  10. If you have normal rack mount points and no disk breaks then perhaps another rack would be worth a look.
  11. If you have disk breaks, consider the Toepeak Disk Explorer if you have plenty of flat space around the mount points.
  12. But it bothers me to be buying the same rack after the first one failed.
  13. But given the lack of choices for disk racks, I will give it another try.
  14. Just to be clear, the rack feels strong and seems well made.
  15. I am surprised the tubing broke given how well made the rack feels.
  16. This fit the bill perfectly, even just using the standard lower connector and not the extended one.
  17. I have fairly fat tires on my 26″ bike so I used the 27″ mounting hole, in part because the swivel mounts for the mounting bars on the underside of the rack surface extend a little far down and I wanted more space.
  18. Could be an issue if you have a larger wheelset and fenders.
  19. I also spun those mounts so that the bars sit more outside than inside and it looks better and lines up better with the frame brackets (see photos).
  20. My only gripe is that the front lip bar could be a little taller and shaped to accustom the trunk I have a little better, but I can work around it ok.
  21. My rack came with the flat bar to connect to the brake mount, but with no nuts and bolts to mount it to the rack.
  22. So, it’s a good thing that I also bought the Axiom seat collar, or I would have been able to install at all.
  23. I will update based on the response that I get from the manufacturer concerning the missing hardware.
  24. Update: The manufacturer did not respond in their promised two business days.
  25. Since I’m currently stationed in Korea (which I explained in my original correspondence) they said that I should replace the hardware that they failed to supply out of my own pocket.
  26. They very patronizingly offered to walk me through buying bolts.
  27. Construction is perfect, the two sets of mount plates allow for exact dimension-fitting, and it adjusted perfectly and on the first installation.

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