November 6, 2018

Backpack Kross CRAFTER 25 L

backpack kross crafter Backpack Kross CRAFTER 25 l
backpack kross crafter 1 Backpack Kross CRAFTER 25 l
Functional backpack dedicated for people who want to take all the necessary accessories, clothing and a beech on the road.
Thanks to the right size, it will be great even for a few days trip.
The backpack is made of nylon-resistant ripstop and durable ykk zippers.
The material used will also work well during rainfall, allowing you to reach a shelter with dry interior.
The outer pocket gives the possibility to store a jacket or a sleeping bag. Ideally suited to transporting a helmet both traditional and szczekowego. The lamp attachment and the reflective print on the shoulder straps will improve safety during limited visibility.
Specially designed panels with perforated sponge improve back ventilation ensuring comfort even on hot days.


– volume 25 l
– waterproof cover
– reflective prints
– breathable braces
– pockets on the hip belt
– inner mesh pocket
– pocket for pomke
– alarm whistle

Brand: Kross

kross Backpack Kross CRAFTER 25 l

Strapworks Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing for DIY pet products, straps, outdoor gear repair – large selection of sizes and colors

strapworks heavyweight polypropylene webbing for diy pet products straps outdoor Backpack Kross CRAFTER 25 l
  1. MORE THAN JUST A UTILITY WEBBING, Strapworks Polypropylene looks good too, available in a range of colors that will please any crafter, designer, or household tinkerer.
  2. CAN BE EASILY SEWN onto hardware such as buckles, slides, cams, or ratchets to create DIY straps.
  3. Build your own dog leash, create a belt with D-rings, replace a bag strap, or repair your lawn chair.
  4. TENSILE STRENGTH (break strength) is 675-1800 lbs depending on width, with a thickness of ~0.06 inch.
  5. For lighter-duty applications and maximum value, you may want to consider this alternative.
  6. The Fosters started making their own straps in the 1970s for their whitewater rafting business, but it wasn’t long until demand for their straps outpaced demand for their guide services!
  7. Refer to the chart below to see how polypropylene compares to other common webbing types.
  8. It is strong, weather resistant, colorful, and easy to sew.
  9. With a break strength of up to 1800 lbs (depending on the width) and excellent water resistance, it is perfectly suited for making medium-duty utility straps for indoor or outdoor use.
  10. Strapworks also offers a lightweight version (sold separately) that’s a bit thinner and more pliable and may be preferred for arts & crafts.
  11. It resists acids, alkalies, oil, and grease better than nylon webbings, and will not stretch or color-bleed when wet.
  12. While not quite as strong as nylon or polyester webbings in terms of break strength, Heavyweight Polypropylene is easier to sew and less expensive.
  13. In short, it’s an excellent value for many applications, from whitewater rafting tie-down straps to utility slings to backpack repair.
  14. HWP is our #1 most popular webbing product thanks to do-it-yourself enthusiasts the world over!
  15. Please be aware that lengths greater than 10 yards may include splices from the factory.
  16. For a softer yet stronger webbing, see our listing for Flat Nylon.
  17. For a stronger weather-resistant alternative, see our listings for Colored or Utility Polyester.
  18. Strapworks is a family owned company based in Oregon, USA.
  19. It was my first go at it – it was easy to work with and looks great.
  20. It’s nice enough material, has thusfar been rugged enough (hasn’t started fraying after several months of use) but for my purposes, it’s too thin to adequately lock on my friction belt buckle, and requires I double the material back through the belt buckle.
  21. It’s not the end of the world, it’s still plenty usable, and I’ll definitely find other uses for it (the material itself seems quite well made) But for my purposes, it didn’t work quite right, so have to knock one star off.
  22. It’s not paper thin, just not super thick like the old material on the belt was.
  23. If you need it to be softer and more flexible, this stuff is great.
  24. I don’t use it on all bags, just the casual ones which need specific colors not available in cotton webbing, especially kids’ bags.
  25. The poly does ravel a lot more quickly than the cotton types of webbing.
  26. I think you could safely poke holes with an awl, because that doesn’t cut through the woven threads.
  27. It’s durable, it has a nice feel and it’s available in a lot of good colors for fashion bags.
  28. I also bought the “Country Brooks” collar kit and snap hooks.
  29. However, I bought it because the web belts I bought a while back were not long enough, so I figured I would use the buckles and just get new strapping.
  30. This material will NOT work for that, I believe I need the canvas web material.
  31. This material is certainly strong enough but is too thin for the buckle to grab onto.
  32. This is NOT the fault of the manufacture or the material, rather part of my learning curve.
  33. I use this to make bags to hold pickleballs, like the old “Fanny Pack” of yesteryear (we hope).
  34. I make collars out of it and when the dogs are racing around it is easier to tell one from another as they tend to all look alike when moving fast.
  35. This will be used for dog leashes that I make for a local dog rescue.
Buy Strapworks Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing for DIY pet products, straps, outdoor gear repair – large selection of sizes and colors here $4.59 – $43.83

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