September 14, 2018

Backpack Kelly’s HUNTER Black-green

backpack kelly hunter green black Backpack Kellys HUNTER black green
Made of polyester with waterproof Waterproof finish.
The backpack has two main chambers with a large number of practical pockets and a Hydro System baffle for a buckthorn (3L).
It has the ability to attach a helmet elastic net, reflective inserts and a rear lamp holder.
The autonomously formed air system with the Air Comfort System mesh ensures good ventilation and prevents excessive sweating.
Soft braces and regulation within the chest and belt increase the comfort of use.


– 15L capacity

Brand: Kellys

kellys Backpack Kellys HUNTER black green

Coghlan’s Emergency Poncho

coghlan emergency poncho Backpack Kellys HUNTER black green
  1. Tuck some in the glove box, the RV, and even the golf bag to ensure no matter when or how the weather turns, you’re ready.
  2. We went during the last week of January so we expected light rain.
  3. We carried these in our little backpacks and they came in very handy.
  4. Would have given it 5 stars if the material was a little thicker.
  5. We live in Florida and in the summer you never know when a downpour is going to happen.
  6. Would recommend for anyone look for an emergency poncho.
Buy Coghlan’s Emergency Poncho here $2.73

Coghlan’s Function Whistle

coghlan function whistle Backpack Kellys HUNTER black green
  1. From the LED light and compass facilitating way-finding to the whistle and the signal mirror for getting attention, this is one piece of gear that is compact and lightweight enough to never get left at home.
  2. Add in the thermometer and the magnifier, and the functionality is boundless.
  3. They are good quality and I don’t think you will be sorry your bought one.
  4. Each family member should have one if you hunt or hike or like to walk in the woods.
  5. I always have one on me when I go hunting or walking in the woods.
  6. The whistle is very loud and would think it will carry a good distance.
  7. The compass works extremely well, having used it a few time when I got turned around in the woods while hunting and always made it back to my Jeep.
  8. I find the Thermometer has come in handy while hunting many times.
  9. I tested once with another thermometer and they both had the same reading.
  10. The clip is sturdy and hasn’t broken even with heavy use.
  11. I am constantly moving if from my hunting vest to other things.
  12. That is why I bought additional ones so I don’t have to remove it.
  13. These are great for the price and are nice gifts for your friends if they share your outdoor activities.
  14. The temperature is right on when compared with my digital wall weather station.
  15. You get it for: a) the convenience of a many-in-one; b) the space/cost savings; and/or c) the idea that MOST of the functions will be good, and useful.
  16. This whistle fits that bill and does a great job for at least 5 of the 6 functions.
  17. The whistle is loud and clear; the magnifier, compass, thermometer and signal mirror are all very good, useful tools.
  18. The compass doesn’t stick, the thermometer is accurate, and the magnifying glass and signal mirror do what they’re supposed to.
  19. I have not yet had the durability issues others have noted.
  20. The LED has worked ok for me so far (although the light has already fluttered right out of the packaging).
  21. The LED feels like the cheapest part of this whistle, and the fact that it consumes batteries that cost more than a new whistle means I won’t replace them when they die.
  22. Honestly, I think Coughlan’s just tried to put one function too many in this device.
  23. But since they put it on there and it’s not awesome, 4 stars.
  24. I already have a strong light source in my survival kit.
  25. I needed the other functions in a lightweight, compact form factor, and this comes through in spades.
  26. I own one myself and keep it lashed to my backpack for when I head out into the woods.
  27. We are long-distance hikers and love our gear and toys.
  28. I have personally used this to start a fire with the magnifying glass multiple times.
  29. The build of this little piece of gear is actually pretty solid.
  30. The only thing that might happen is you might lose it, but it comes with a little lash/clip so that won’t happen.
  31. I will be buying more of these this year as stocking stuffers.
  32. Try and find something this cool for under ten bucks and let me know please!
  33. Was planning a backpacking trip and wanted to carry a mini thermometer.
  34. Found this and ended up replacing my ancient signal mirror, tiny LED light, and compass with it.
  35. So ended saving weight and gained the thermometer AND magnifying glass.
  36. I’ve wished I had a magnifying glass before for slivers or what not so it’s a nice addition.
  37. I don’t need the whistle as they are built into all the packs these days but it doesn’t hurt to have it.
  38. Only thing the could improve is the attachment lanyard.
  39. ETA
    The light broke on my second backpacking trip with this.
  40. The whole cover came off, the battery and light part fell out.
  41. I have it hooked onto my shoulder strap so it takes a beating every I take on and off my pack.
  42. Wish there was a better, more stable way to clip it to my pack and still be able to read the temp when I’m moving but I haven’t figure anything out yet.
  43. Actually relied on it during the PCT hike to get me through places where you couldn’t find trail due to snow.
  44. The compass gave proper general direction for navigating in the woods when I needed it.
  45. I kept it clipped to my shoulder pad and it never had any problems or breakage despite being beat around all the time when taking my pack on and off, put on trees, rocks etc.
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