April 23, 2018

AUTHOR TURBO Backpack Steel And Black (with Cover)

backpack author turbo steel and black cover AUTHOR TURBO backpack steel and black (with cover)
backpack author turbo steel and black cover 1 AUTHOR TURBO backpack steel and black (with cover)
A very light cycling backpack made of abrasion-resistant material that repels water.
Anatomic design of the back system with a hip belt and the Air Vent ventilation system ensure high comfort of use. Internal and external pockets and a special system for attaching a helmet, pump and bicycle lamp.
Separate pocket for a large beech with water.
A cell phone pocket on the shoulder belt.
The main chamber is zippered. Reflective elements that increase driving safety. Capacity: 6 l. Weight: 450 g.
Steel-black color. The set includes a rain cover made of waterproof material.

Brand: Author

author AUTHOR TURBO backpack steel and black (with cover)

got bumblebee? – 20oz Sturdy Stainless Steel Water Bottle, White

got bumblebee sturdy stainless steel water bottle white AUTHOR TURBO backpack steel and black (with cover)
  1. BTR Backpack Cover the Only 100% Waterproof Cover Needed.
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Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack (2010)

allen sports ultra compact folding bike trunk mount rack AUTHOR TURBO backpack steel and black (with cover)
  1. It attaches easily to most vehicles in only moments, with a Lowe frame that protects both the bike and the car from damage.
  2. It collapses into a carry bag that is small enough to stick into a backpack or briefcase.
  3. Ideal for traveling, commuting, and other occasions when a portable bike rack might come in handy, the rack is small yet secure, with three padded legs that rest against your vehicle and three adjustable straps that secure to your car’s hatchback or trunk gaps.
  4. Just as importantly, the rack holds your bikes in a safe position thanks to the tie-downs and padding, which combine to keep your bikes from rocking or making contact with your vehicle.
  5. And when you’re done using the rack, simply fold it up and store it inside the included carrying bag.
  6. Today, the company owns more than three dozen patents and operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and sells products in more than a dozen countries around the world.
  7. These are incredibly easy to transport when not in use.
  8. Built on a rugged steel frame, the MT-2 offers easy transport and storage when not in use.
  9. Dual compound tie-down cradles protect and secure your bicycles.
  10. All backed by Allen’s exceptional customer service and lifetime warranty.
  11. This delivers great benefits in terms of transporting and storing your bike rack when not in use (Note: MT Rack shown).
  12. The tie-downs are fixed in position on the carry arm, but rotate so that the can engage a wide range of bicycle frame sizes and styles (Note: AL Rack shown).
  13. This provides a handy way to transport and store your rack when not in use.
  14. I used to to transport my bike from home to my school, which is a 550 mile drive at 60-75 mph the whole way and it held up perfectly.
  15. The bike rack doesn’t hold all parts of the bike sturdy.
  16. For example, the wheel on the bike is still pretty easy to turn even when tied down like the directions say to.
  17. In addition, the pedals are still free to rotate and could hit your car.
  18. Also, the hooks that hook into the top of your trunk don’t have any sort of protective coating so they may scratch your car a little bit.
  19. These flaws are easily remedied by purchasing a few bungee cords and tying your bike securely.
  20. You may also want a few rags to tuck under the hooks that hold the rack to the car (very thin rags or pads of some sort).
  21. Also, it would be wise to put an old sock or another rag around the pedal closest to the car just in case, with the addition of the bungee cord to keep the pedals from rotating.
  22. Also, keep in mind that the pins that you push in order to fold and unfold the rack can be a bit frustrating, and difficult to work with.
  23. However, I would like to emphasize, do not use any sort of tool or stick to push in the pins if they show some sort of resistance.
  24. I did this, and one of the pins ended up contracting too much to the point of getting stuck inside one of the metal shafts and there was no way of getting it out.
  25. I ended up replacing this pin with a nut and bolt, and although this worked and held up perfectly fine throughout my 550 mile drive with no problems, I had to unscrew the nut and bolt in order to fold and unfold the rack which makes it take longer to set up and will require tools.
  26. Just beware of this possibility and resist the urge to use objects other than your hands to press the pins down.
  27. Despite it’s shortcomings, this is a great rack and the price is very fair.
  28. It’ll get your bike and your car safely to your destination if you take the precautions necessary.
  29. I can’t get the top bar of the frame to sit flush on the padded legs but regardless, I’m still able to securely strap it in.
  30. The set up is pretty straight forward: open all the arms and legs until the click into place.
  31. Hook the top hooks to the top of the trunk frame & tighten, hook the bottom hook to the bottom of the truck and pull each tie down till tight.
  32. The instructions say not to put all 3 points of contact on the window as it may break the window.
  33. The frame hooks are metal so in fear that it may damage the paint, I put some electrical tape inside the hooks for added protection.
  34. I use bungy cords to secure the tires, handle bars, and pedals from moving and it also provides added security for the bike from shifting on the rack.
  35. I haven’t experienced any real issues transporting bikes with this rack.
  36. I’ve transported 2 bikes on several occasions without any problems.
  37. Not sure if it was my setup or improperly secured the tie-downs.
  38. On Mini Cooper::
    It worked well on the mini even with 2 bikes although I never used it for long distances or on freeway.
  39. On SUV:
    I was a little concerned with the tie-downs going over the small rear spoiler; I was worried the weight would be to much on the spoiler but it seems to not be an issue.
  40. Living in an apartment in the city with limited storage space, this compact rack is perfect.
  41. Folds up quick and easy and comes with a little stuff sack; put it away in a closet or leave it in the truck of your car without consuming too much space.
  42. It was a white-knuckle ride our first trip with it (about 7 hours) with it flapping around on every bump.
  43. The good news is that even when it seemed it would fall off, it didn’t!
  44. I recommend knotting as absolutely close to the adjustment buckle as possible, as some settling does happen as you drive.
  45. Also, put your wiper up vertically, as one of the things I was most worried about on our first (and subsequent, even) trip was that the rack was not just going to fall lower and lower, but that it would take out our wiper with it.
  46. I also can’t believe the product description can’t include the models it is compatible with, as they do have it printed ON THE BOX!
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