April 23, 2018

Airkompressor Pump 12 0 White (multi) Service

pump airkompressor white multi site Airkompressor pump 12 0 white (multi) service

pump airkompressor white multi site 1 Airkompressor pump 12 0 white (multi) service
Stationary (service) pump

with high-pressure hose, ended Multi Valve Head for all types of valves, sealed and with clamping levers. It is suitable for pumping both bikes, as well as motorcycles and cars.

The steel cylinder and the base with large feet ensure a stable pump setting.

The pump has a pressure gauge that allows you to accurately control the pressure.

Solidly finished, made in Germany, like all SKS products! The steel tube construction ensures long life and smooth operation.



Tip-Multi Valve Head for all types of valves, sealed with clamping lever

Length-730 mm

Maximum pressure-12 bar / 174 psi

Notes-precise pressure gauge, plastic base

Brand: SKS

sks Airkompressor pump 12 0 white (multi) service

SKS AirKompressor 12.0 Bicycle Floor Pump

sks airkompressor bicycle floor pump Airkompressor pump 12 0 white (multi) service

  1. With the greatest of ease, you will inflate the tyre up to a pressure of 12 bar with this all-rounder.
  2. This replaced my supposedly lasts a lifetime Silca pump that blew its leather plunger cup at around 130psi.
  3. After trying to repair it three times and blowing the leather cup out each time I have given up and shopped for a replacement.
  4. I need to get my road bike tires up to 145psi, and this pump does the job.
  5. Things I like:

    1) Huge pressure gauge, easy to see.

  6. Gets up to very high pressures easily
    3) The price is very affordable
    4) The smart pump head works well.
  7. I’ve read nothing but wonderful things about SKS customer service.
  8. If you need parts to repair the pump they apparently are happy to do so, which is quite rare in today’s market.
  9. Things I would change:

    1) The foot pads could be brought back a bit further so I could get more of my foot on the pads and keep the pump steady.

  10. It costs half of the useless Silca pump and easily fills up to my highest pressure tires.
  11. My only beef is that the pump was designed for shrader valves and only has a single valve adapter.
  12. At this price point it is worth it due to the quality of the pump.
  13. I liked the extra long cylinder and I liked the large, easily legible dial.
  14. The head was OK, but I would have preferred one made for just presta valves.
  15. The automatic switching of the dual head requires some pressure in the tire already.
  16. When trying to pump a pressure-less tire (after you’ve patched an inner tube, for example) air often just comes out the wrong hole (the one not connected to a valve), and since the switch between the two valve types is automatic, there is no way of manually forcing the air to go the way you want it to.
  17. I would have to use my hand pump (just a few strokes) to get the first bit of air into the tube.
  18. This was a small inconvenience I could live with, since most of the time I was simply topping off to get the tire pressure I wanted.
  19. The plastic base flexes a bit when pumping, and I was worried this would be the weak point of this pump – BUT – after only 19 months of use, one side of the handle (which is also plastic, but feels more sturdy) broke off!
  20. I used the pump maybe two to three times a week on average and I usually pumped to 115-125 PSI.
  21. Head doesn’t stay on a presta valve and shoots off when tire pressure gets high.

Buy SKS AirKompressor 12.0 Bicycle Floor Pump here $21.69

bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Hose Clamps Self Priming Sprayer Pump with Pressure Switch 4 L/Min 1.0 GPM 80 PSI for RV Camper Marine Boat Lawn

bayite fresh water pressure diaphragm pump with hose clamps self priming sprayer Airkompressor pump 12 0 white (multi) service

  1. I needed low Amp draw with high psi output in order to accomplish the project.
  2. It’s not going to pump a massive amount of water but it does pump exactly 1 gallon per minute as it claims.
  3. I tested it in a five gallon bucket and timed it until the bucket was full.
  4. Wired directly into the pump under full sun exposure this pump ran like a top.
  5. I installed a float on the other end of a 150 foot hose and the pump was able to pump water through that until the float closed off the flow.
  6. Immediately after the float closed the shut off switch activated and the pump stopped.
  7. It was also pumping the water up a steady incline that probably equaled a 15 foot height increase.
  8. I’m not sure about the durability so I will update if something changes.
  9. The front cover houses a microswitch that has no purpose other than to fail!
  10. The pump vibrates quite a bit and these microswitches will die in about 60 days.
  11. I use these pumps for hydroponics and I have bought 5 now and have seen it fail 5 times.
  12. Once the switch is removed they work very well for my purpose.
  13. It serves no purpose in functionality other than making the pump fail.
  14. The front 2 screws need to be popped off and the switch is present.
  15. Simply cut the wires and wire nut them together and place the cover back on.
  16. I have had some come with extremely loud motors (bad bearings) however the last even with the loud bearings.
  17. I have had some bad right out of the box (leaky gasket, unrepairable).
  18. It was self priming and easily drew liquid from 16″ lower than the pump inlet.
  19. The fluid inlet/outlet are barb style and fit 3/8 ID tubing.
  20. The mounting feet are a really flexible rubber material and should provide good cushion from vibration if it’s mounted (like in an RV).
  21. It was well packaged (wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and boxed) and came with clear operating instructions.
  22. The pump has a a pressure cutoff switch (so it can be used in a closed water supply system) that the instructions say is adjustable (by turning a screw in the pump head).
  23. My application was an open system, so I did not get to test the pressure switch.
  24. However, when it needed pumping it was hard to do without stopping and getting off the tractor.
  25. I purchased this to convert my old 3 gallon pump can to an electric sprayer.
  26. I mounted the pump to the can with 36″ wire ties, installed the pump in the hose between the can and the spray wand, and ran wires from the tractor battery.
  27. I installed a 2 wire plug and a switch in the wires so I can disconnect and turn it on/off easily.
  28. The pump provides a lot of pressure and a good flow rate.
  29. I just got it so I don’t know how it will hold up over time, but it seems to be well made.
  30. Considering its small size it pumps a great deal of water at high pressure.
  31. I am using it to pump water in the bathroom of a house with no well.
  32. The only negative I found is there is supposed to be a screw that regulates and varies the water pressure.
  33. I have adjusted the screw to try and lower the pressure, to no effect.
  34. I mounted this unit on a trailer to transfer water to my RV.
  35. It transfers approximately 40 gallons in less than 10 minutes.
  36. That is quite a bit more performance than what they estimate.
  37. In fact the factory settings actually caused it to blow the hose off the bib so I had to get back down there underneath and retighten.
  38. It does have an adjustment for the amount of pressure that it creates and I found that to be handy.
  39. This is one powerful Lil pump and don’t like the smaller fitting sizes for you because it is capable of flat moving some water.
  40. If you were able to adapt or this in to a standard RV system I’m sure it would give you the flow and pressure to fit expectation

    The product was delivered as described with all the items that they claimed would be in the package and including some basic information instructions.

  41. I had to pour water into the hose going to the pump first to get it primed, then it worked great the rest of the way.
  42. Complete unit is small and fits in the palm of your hand which makes mounting easy in tight spaces.
  43. But mount it where it will be protected from the spray and weather because this is an open motor and also the wire terminals are exposed.
  44. Replaced old one, everything is working exceptionally well.
  45. I placed this pump on the cold water side before the water heater.
  46. A little noisy however I have it mounted to a metal frame that carries the noise.

Buy bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Hose Clamps Self Priming Sprayer Pump with Pressure Switch 4 L/Min 1.0 GPM 80 PSI for RV Camper Marine Boat Lawn here $19.99

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