April 18, 2018

Accent AXIUM Aluminum Pedals

pedals accent axium aluminum Accent AXIUM aluminum pedals
Ultralight MTB pedals.
The body and the aluminum housing cover.
Os made of Cr-Mo steel.
High-class sealed machine bearings ensuring a very high speed of rotation. Body-aluminum
Os-Steel (Cr-Mo)
Dimensions-98×63 mm
Weight-235g (pair)

Brand: Accent

accent Accent AXIUM aluminum pedals

T-H Marine HF-1CT-DP Hot Foot Pro – Top Load Foot Throttle

tmarine ct hot foot pro top load foot throttle Accent AXIUM aluminum pedals
  1. This throttle allows you to drive your boat like you do your car.
  2. You keep both hands on the wheel and control the throttle with your foot.
  3. This throttle is a must have for safe operation of high performance boats.
  4. Hot Foot Pro is the ultimate upgrade for the boater looking for safety and performance features that made Hot Foot the foot throttle boaters demand.
  5. Hot Foot Pro sports a rugged aluminum finish with great color graphics on the pedal to accent any high performance boat.
  6. The top loading feature for the throttle cable makes Hot Foot Pro easier to install and gives more foot and leg room.
  7. Standard features include a patented idle stop for the Ficht and Optimax engines, stainless steel return spring, Teflon bushings on all critical pivot points and tow clip for added security.
  8. Note: Hot Foot Pro requires a longer throttle cable, not included.
  9. Ideal Hallux Valgus Orthopedic Brace and Toe Separator for Foot Pain Relief.
Buy T-H Marine HF-1CT-DP Hot Foot Pro – Top Load Foot Throttle here $130.59

Origami Gazelle

origami gazelle Accent AXIUM aluminum pedals
  1. The 7 speed Shimano gear set provides a wide gear range for hill climbing, cruising, or speed.
  2. Suggested Rider Height: 4’10” – 6’1” Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs.
  3. I’ve owned several Dahon folders over the years and the last one got stolen so I decided to replace it with this.
  4. Here are my initial observations:

    – Fit and finish are very nice at this price point.
  5. Needed very little tweaking out of the box for assembly.
  6. Disc brakes were properly adjusted and the shifter indexed as it should.
  7. It has a 250 lb load limit which is one of the reasons why I purchased it.
  8. They are right here in the USA and answered the phone when I called.
  9. One end of the handle bar was sticking out of the side of the box.
  10. The box had one corner split open and two holes in the side.
  11. Customs had been in the box and left a sticker in it (see Photos).
  12. I have some minor paint damage as a result, so I will try to color match the paint (orange) as best as I can locally.
  13. It’s simply a cosmetic issue and the rest of the bike is fine.
  14. There is nothing to hold the bike together when it is folded (no strap or magnets)

    There appears to be an attachment point for a front derailleur just above the crank and there are a couple of empty cable guides.
  15. I’ll come back and update this review after I’ve had a chance to put some miles on it.
  16. Lots of loose parts,So some basic knowledge of bikes is required to get going.
  17. First off, im 6′ 201lbs and it fits me fine.Front and rear wheels loose.
  18. Brakes loose and you need to cut off the super extra left over brake lines and crimp ends.
  19. The folding handlebar fell out when I lifted bike out of the box, be careful.Make sure to align the bar and tighten it to your bike with allen wrenches.
  20. Recommend getting some kind of strap to hold it together when folded.
  21. The pedals are going to break soon, I can feel it flexing a bit.
  22. Kick stand was rubbing against the rear rotor when folded up.Grips keep moving around, not locked in.
  23. Front rotor rubbing on pad.tighten the lock latch for the foldable handlebar.there is a little screw inside the latch that uses a flathead to have the latch be more firm when locked.Seat too soft for me i need firm.think thats it.
  24. When all the stuff is good to go, the bike is solid.ride safe everyone!
  25. When it arrived there were a few dings in the paint, I contacted Origami directly and the service was phenomenal.
  26. They sent me a few freebees to compensate and I touched up the spots with matching nail polish!
  27. Driving at about 10 mph tried to lock up the rear tire.
  28. The only this vigorous about these brakes is how hard you have to squeeze the lever and get close to nothing.
  29. I’m about 5’11” 190lbs and the bike holds the weight nicely.
  30. Great construction quality and for a folding bike it is possibly one of the nicest looking out there.
  31. Components are of solid quality as well, been riding it for a few months now and I’ve only had to change a flat.
  32. Weight and size are perfect, the wife got one as well and loves it.
  33. I would like if they gave you the option to customize it completely.
Buy Origami Gazelle here $300.00

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