May 1, 2018

AC-Tape Wrapper Blue 2×2 M

grip on handlebar tape ac blue AC Tape wrapper blue 2x2 m
Wrap made of EVA foam. It vibrates very well.
Self-adhesive tape on the underside. Includes two steering wheel end caps and a tape to finish.

Length-200 cm
Width-2 cm

Brand: Accent

accent AC Tape wrapper blue 2x2 m

Gaffer Power PowerSteel Heavy Duty Duct Tape – 2 In X 25 Yards – Insulation, Ducting & HVAC Tape | Strong, Waterproof & Weather Resistant | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Residential, Commercial & Industrial

gaffer power powersteel heavy duty duct tape yards insulation ducting amp hvac t AC Tape wrapper blue 2x2 m
  1. This is the go-to air duct tape, vent duct tape & overall HVAC duct tape for both DIY home improvement projects and professional job contracts.
  2. Imagine a heating duct tape choice that will finally hold up again & again in home repairs and construction & industrial sites.
  3. More than just HVAC ductwork, this safety tape adheres to rough and uneven indoor & outdoor surfaces including wood, stone, plaster, stucco, brick, metal and more.
  4. Professional-grade resistance to extreme cold, high heat, dampness & moisture.
  5. FLEXIBLE EASY TEAR USE: Gaffer Power flexible duct tape is designed from extra thick cloth with a waterproof polyethylene film and ultra-strong adhesive that measures in at 17 mm of premium sealing strength.
  6. While tough & durable, this furnace duct tape is easy to tear into strips with your hands – no scissors or cutting necessary to get to work and quickly fix things up.
  7. UNRIVALED MADE IN USA QUALITY: Gaffer Power is committed to our Made in USA engineering process.
  8. This AC duct tape is manufactured under the strictest quality assurance guidelines with the best US sourced materials.
  9. Issues aren’t common when it comes to the duct tape heavy duty superiority of the Gaffer Power brand, but if anything is wrong we stand by our commitment to quality and offer a Guaranteed Replacement or Your Money Back!
  10. Unlock 10% savings on this product when you subscribe to 5 or more products that arrive in the same month.
  11. Gaffer Power is proud to provide premium grade adhesives, made right here in the United States.
  12. We understand and recognize the importance of American Manufacturing companies to the economy’s health, not to mention its social impact.
  13. We know you care about it as well and that’s why we are pleased to offer our customers tape made in the USA.
  14. And since it’s American made, you know it’s the finest quality tape in the world!
  15. Our heavy duty duct tape is engineered for all-purpose indoor & outdoor use that sticks to rough & uneven surfaces including wood, stone, plaster, stucco, brick, metal and more.
  16. At literally about twice as thick as regular duct tape, and stickier than you can imagine, this will hold securely and for a long time.
  17. Where you might otherwise have to make multiple wraps with conventional duct tape, a single layer will likely do with this stuff.
  18. It’s really not even fair to compare it to the regular stuff.
  19. It’s products like this for which terms like “industrial grade” and “overkill” were designed.
  20. It is very strong, and it should adhere to just about anything.
  21. It is so sticky that you really have to pull to get it off the roll.
  22. Unpackaging note: It is not a bad idea to leave part of the plastic packaging in place, adhered to the sides of the roll.
  23. So very much better than hardware store duct tape you normally find.
  24. Needed something to patch a rather expensive grille cover that got torn.
  25. Tear disappeared and this stuff isn’t going to come off.
  26. Don’t normally write a product review but this lived up to everything they said.
  27. It is not the strongest tape I have ever had but it is the strongest tape I can find at this time.
  28. Last year I ran out of my large supply of “Sumo Tape” that I believe was made by Loctite, unfortunately I can not find it anymore.
  29. Sumo Tape was by far the strongest tape I have ever seen, if anybody knows where it can be purchased please let me know.
  30. However this is not meant to detract from my recommendation of “Power Steel Heavy Duty Duct Tape” as it is an excellent tape and you can actually buy it, that is why I gave it 5 Stars in this review.
  31. I partially unwound the roll and it seemed to have the same level of stickiness, thickness, etc.
  32. This stuff is probably as strong as I’ve ever seen, it actually takes some effort to peel it off the roll!
Buy Gaffer Power PowerSteel Heavy Duty Duct Tape – 2 In X 25 Yards – Insulation, Ducting & HVAC Tape | Strong, Waterproof & Weather Resistant | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Residential, Commercial & Industrial here

WenTop Wifi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled Led Strip Light Kit with DC12V UL Listed Power Supply Non Waterproof SMD 5050 32.8Ft(10M) 300leds RGB Timer LED Tape Lights Work with Android, IOS and Alexa

wentop wifi wireless smart phone controlled led strip light kit with ul listed p AC Tape wrapper blue 2x2 m
  1. WITH HIGH TEMPERATIRE ADHESIVE: It’s blue high temperature adhesive tape backing, improveing the issue that the tape getting weak during operation.
  2. It is specifically designed for good adhesion to high, medium and lower surface energy plastics, paints and glass.Very suitable for indoor lighting and decor.
  3. You are not only able to control the lights via the matched remote but also control them with your mobile phone by Magic Home Pro App.
  4. You can not only created your own color and modes, but also make the lights sync with music or voice touched,choose the color temperature, set the timed task and scan the color you want for the strip light via Magic Home Pro APP.
  5. By using 1 App you can set groups ,control many wifi light strips at the same time.
  6. Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you fix the issue.
  7. Work with alexa,matched ir remote and your smart phone by download an software .
  8. A plenty of color,CCT for you select, sync with music,sounds activated.
  9. Cuttable every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, according to requirement.
  10. Depending on the genre of music/sounds, the lights colors will change to follow the rhythm or the melody.
  11. Don’t left them on the spool when you testing them more than 2-3 mins.They need to dissipating heat.
  12. Clean the surface before stick on the strip.If it is not sticky enough, you can add some double sided tape.
  13. Please don’t stick the lights to metal surface that conductive.
  14. They were a little misleading, when the package came and knowing that it was around 32 feet long, I was hesitant that the length of the LED strips are what was stated on the description, but everything was fine when the package was opened.
  15. One problem I encountered (and maybe a few others have too), are the adhesives used the LEDs.
  16. If anyone wants to stick these on walls, I would suggest getting double sided stickers for hanging up pictures from the COMMAND brand.
  17. They’re super heavy duty stickers and I had to cut them up in little pieces and attach one at every 5-6 inches to hold up the LEDs.
  18. Another thing I encountered is a low buzzing/humming noise that’s coming from the RGB controller, that only can be heard when it’s on.
  19. I have already contacted the seller, and am waiting for their reply.
  20. I had previously placed some behind my television and a monitor for bias lighting.
  21. However, this pair was supposed to be used to surround posters on a wall to highlight them a bit more in a dark room.
  22. You get more here than most other packs at a better price but there’s two huge problems.
  23. I mean maybe the first few days it worked great and then as time went on it started to fall down in random places.
  24. You have to have something holding them in place on the back.
  25. I saw other reviews says, “wow these are great but the adhesive isn’t that great” and I thought, “well that doesn’t sound too bad, maybe it will stay on my walls because they are pretty and clean and freshly painted” but now I know it’s a pain in the butt.
  26. I had to use masking tape everywhere to keep these up until I can find a better solution.
  27. In different spots you’ll have a weird “yellow” series of lights.
  28. Sometimes unplugging the lights will reset them but it seems now it keeps getting worse and worse.
  29. You’ll have a bunch of bright whatever color you’ve set it to lights and then you’ll have two, three or four yellowish LEDs in row that didn’t get the memo to change colors.
  30. I’m really just writing this review to say, yeah, you will need some other kind of adhesive to hold these up.
  31. Maybe you won’t need it tomorrow but you will need it soon and for the rest of your life.
  32. The lights themselves are spaced out just a smidge more than I’d like, but since its an ambiance thing, it’s quite alright anyway.
  33. The LED’s themselves are nice and bright and come with EIGHT distinctive levels of brightness.
  34. Both rolls power on together with no issue, the power brick is actually quite robust and sturdy feeling.
  35. More often than not,these cheaper sets do not include white led’s as its not technically “rgb”.
  36. The sensor can be placed to a more convenient spot, which is also a nice touch.
  37. Obviously, this is a short term review, if anything changes, I will update the review.
  38. It doesn’t transfer any scenes to Alexa and if you turn it off with the IR controller, it will kick the unit offline never to go online again, even after resetting it endlessly.
  39. I used two different Android phones to get this set up.
  40. It took once, then the IR controller ruined the whole thing.No one to call, 2 days to get an answer from “customer service”.
  41. I’m probably going to send these back if they can’t give me a reasonable way to solve this in less than two days.
  42. I cut mine up into 3 sections each, and added lengths of 20AWG wire for my application.
  43. To be more specific, I have about 8 feet of wire between the controller and the first LED section, then have a 3-5 feet of LEDs.
  44. Then there is another ~8 feet of wire, followed by another 2 feet of LEDs.
  45. I’m knocking one star off because the included connectors have no way of snapping together and they disconnect very easily.
  46. That part I’d give 5 stars for if that was all I was letting this review be off of.
  47. One the adhesive on the lights doesn’t stick for very long.
  48. But that can be fixed by some clamps you can order for cheap.
  49. They hold the strip where ever you want the lights to go.
  50. I’ve tried to factory reset them and they still didn’t change anything.
  51. Then the third thing is the remote that comes with it says it’s supposed to be a 42 key remote.
  52. However it’s not the one in the picture it’s a 24 button one instead.
  53. So all in all I’m not happy with what I got and I’m returning it for those reasons.
  54. If I had to cut the strip on one of the soldered connections, it was difficult to fit in the joint or connector without prying up the connector’s contacts first but those connections were SOLID and durable.
  55. But if I had to cut where the joints had not been soldered and it was only the copper contacts, the connections were unreliable and spotty, resulting in unpredictable color output.
  56. The brightness and color spectrum is excellent, and the remote is good.
  57. It is IR, so it technically needs a relatively direct line of sight to the sensor to work, but it actually picks up the signal quite easily when pointed other directions as well.
  58. The remote control must be less than 6 feet to activate the lighting changes.
  59. The remote control stopped working after 2 weeks of usage.
  60. It came with one broken build that I was willing to overlook.
Buy WenTop Wifi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled Led Strip Light Kit with DC12V UL Listed Power Supply Non Waterproof SMD 5050 32.8Ft(10M) 300leds RGB Timer LED Tape Lights Work with Android, IOS and Alexa here

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