April 23, 2018

A Spring Of Freewheel Stops

spring pawls freewheel  A spring of freewheel stops
Internal spring of the hub holding the freewheel.

Brand: Zoom

zoom A spring of freewheel stops

Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle

pure city classic diamond frame bicycle A spring of freewheel stops
  1. Both are great for relaxed riding, commuting, errands just around the corner, and more.
  2. The 3-speed gives you a small range of gears to cycle through and the internal hub is unmatched for ease of use and creating a clean, minimalist look.
  3. The 8-speed gives you a wider range of gears to tackle tough hills and haul heavier loads.
  4. Plus, the constantly rotating selection ensures there’s always something fresh for you, our customer.
  5. We hand-selected each component to give you the best riding experience possible.
  6. Every bike also comes with a versatile rear rack, front and rear fenders, and a bell, so you’re ready for whatever your city can throw at you.
  7. The paint is really quite good, and the brakes and shifter, wheels and bars are very nice high-grade materials, beautifully burnished.
  8. The bike needed some assembly: The handlebar, brakes, seat & post, pedals, rack, reflectors, and front fender needed to be installed or adjusted–all very easy to do with basic bicycle tools.
  9. The stiffness and responsive feel really bring out the kid in me–I have loved bikes since was a boy, and this bike is one of the nicest I have had.
  10. You’ll need a pump, LED flasher lights and a helmet, but it has has everything else you’ll need for enjoyable cruising around your neighborhood or for commuting to work.
  11. Online instructions for putting the bike together were easy to follow and the gearing mechanism is smooth.
  12. The only problem was a slight scratch on the logo that happened during shipping (does not affect function).
  13. I was specifically impressed that the wheels lack any wobble (somewhat rare for a bike that is shipped with no pre-assembly) This bike will be an excellent long-term commuter for her.
  14. We also bought the wooden box separately and it mounts well.
  15. The seat is comfortable for a stock seat and the brakes are built to last.
  16. I would recommend bringing this to an expert after assembly (as with any bike) to ensure that it is put together correctly and the wheels are true.
  17. The components are of good quality, especially for this price range.
  18. Comfortable ride that you don’t look silly riding if you are just wearing regular clothes.
  19. Only way it could be better is if the frame were made of cro-moly or aluminum and had a more comfortable seat, but that would just drive up the costs.
  20. There is a good selection of accessories available from the manufacture as well, which is always a bonus.
  21. It took a while to get it right, but we did not want to pay since my husband knows his bikes well.
  22. I rode it on the same day for a couple hours and absolutely loved it.
  23. I will probably get it tuned professionally in a few weeks once everything’s settled in, but it rides perfectly!
  24. It was easier than I had expected, I had debated taking it into a bike shop, but I decided to have a go at it on my own, I figured I wanted to be able to maintain it myself at some point and I figured assembling it myself would be a good way to get familiar with it.
  25. Once I got everything up and running, it’s been an awesome ride and it’s by far my favorite bike I’ve owned to date.
  26. Would totally recommend it to friends looking for a bike.
  27. I use it to commute every day but already had a tire blow out and have had to deal with the seat constantly loosening up and needing tightening.
  28. I have a multi-tool that I carry with me so it is fine, just more of a hassle then anything.
  29. With any basic experience you can assemble it yourself.
  30. Christmas present for my girlfriend and she’s been riding it ever since.
  31. I had REI build it for me and even they were super impressed.
  32. It is comfortable, looks cool – the matte finish is AWESOME!
  33. Some of the other reviews talked about assembly guides.
  34. I got it in the hunter green color also known as “Clifton”.
  35. I give this bike 4 stars because of cosmetic damage and bent front spokes.
  36. It appealed because it has clean lines but nothing to draw undue attention (less chance of theft).
  37. Seemed like a solid bike and good quality when I took it out of the box.
Buy Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bicycle here $429.00 – $479.55

Pure City Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle

pure city dutch style step thru city bicycle A spring of freewheel stops
  1. Every bike also comes with a versatile rear rack, front and rear fenders and a bell, so you’re ready for whatever your city can throw at you.
  2. They really should make it clear that professional assembly is required BEFORE you buy the bike.
  3. Tried to get the part replaced with the paint chip but they said its not available so my bike looks pretty damaged from day one.
  4. The packaging from the plant is so sufficient and each bike (I tried multiple times) arrived with cosmetic damage.
  5. In addition, the last bike that was damaged least cosmetically turned out to be improperly assembled by the factory.
  6. The brakes were not assembled correctly and were missing a bolt.
  7. This could have been very dangerous and I would not have known about it except that I took the bike to a bike shop to repair the cosmetic damage.
  8. The wheels were out of round, the chain was rubbing, the issues go on and on.
  9. When I told the bike technician the price of this bicycle, he was shocked and said that there was “no way” given the inferior quality that he saw.
  10. The Pure City domestic customer service team tried to help and they were very nice, but there was only so much they could do.
  11. I had already agreed to keep this bike (for a discount because of the cosmetic damages) but the issues turned out to be much larger and I ended up with out of pocket expenses as well as paying more than the bicycle was worth (according to an expert).
  12. The bike arrived without any paint chips or damage, and was well packaged.
  13. It also came with a small bottle of extra touch up paint.
  14. As mentioned in other reviews, it does need to be assembled professionally at a bike shop.
  15. It’s a great bike for a beginner and for commuting around the city.
  16. This bike is perfect for me, especially now that I’m trying to do more sports and lose some weight.
  17. The design of the wheel could be a little bit tricky at the beginning if u are not use to it, but with a couple hours you will controlled it easily.
  18. This bike is kinda heavy, so if you live in an apartment without elevator (like me), remember that you are also doing some weight lift every day u use it jajajaj.
  19. Yes, especially if you are going to use it 2/3 times in a week.
  20. This one is perfect for beginners of big people that want to start losing some weight and enjoy the ride; or just travel with it.
  21. For more serious stuff, this is not recommended because of its weight.
  22. If you know how to do it, then buy it from here, because is normally cheaper.
  23. Extremely good quality and beautiful design, it looks exactly as it is pictured, and rides like a dream.
  24. I ride it to work- it’s 5 miles uphill- a feat that my old bike could not handle.
  25. It’s lightweight but has all the benefits of a cruiser bicycle.
  26. My wife assembled it herself (I was out of town) and it took her an entire afternoon.
  27. There were no assembly instructions anywhere and you have to remove a bolt for the front brakes to install the front rain guard.
  28. She was able to do it though because all the parts are there and there is really one way to do things so you can’t really make a mistake, but she wasn’t strong enough to tighten things.
  29. You can only get the warranty if you have it professionally assembled, so take that cost into consideration when you buy.
  30. It rides nicely and 1-speed makes it easy to fix and tune up.
  31. Took a bit of time to assemble but nothing too complicated.
  32. I finally purchased it after researching multiple different brands.
  33. I borrowed it for a day for a test ride from a local bike shop.
  34. I tried a Trek first (a comfort-type, but not sure of the model).
Buy Pure City Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle here $287.88 – $469.29

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