April 23, 2018

A Soft Bottle Of Ultimate Direction Body Bottle-150 Ml

soft bottle ultimate direction body ml bottle A soft bottle of Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 150 ml
Interesting solution small soft bottle with a capacity of 150ml. In the same time 5 portions of the gel.

To drink, just squeeze.

After consuming the content of the liquid can be compressed to small sizes. It is useful for long runs and starts when you want to limit the amount of zipped bags you carry.

– You see how much liquid is in the bottle.

– The bottle takes as much space as there is liquid in it.

– It can take a different shape-it’s easy to fit into tight pockets.

– Can be washed in a dishwasher.



Material-FDA-approved Polyethylene (BPA-Free)

Brand: Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 150G

ultimate direction body bottle g A soft bottle of Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 150 ml

  1. The “G” features a gel cap valve for easy drinking of fluids and gels.
  2. This soft, FDA-approved polyethylene (BPA-free) water bottle collapses fully to a tiny size when empty.
  3. The Body Bottles fit any Ultimate Direction vest, Vesta, or Groove belt and works with many other branded running vests.

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Ultimate Direction Clutch Handheld

ultimate direction clutch handheld A soft bottle of Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 150 ml

  1. You’ll also get extra stay seen safety running at night with the Clutch Body Bottle, thanks to its reflective accents.
  2. Since it’s a soft, collapsible silicone bottle it is easy to carry.
  3. The handle allows you to either just slide your hand along the side of the bottle and tighten it or you may also hook it over your thumb (I don’t use the thumb feature).
  4. The bottle opening is large enough to put ice in which is useful on hot runs.
  5. I pulled the bottle all of the way out to fill it and was actually surprised how easily I was able to put it back into the clutch.
  6. It has a bite valve which allows ease in drinking while running without getting splashed in the face.
  7. I ordered both this one and the salomon and I sent the salomon back after the first time I used this one.
  8. It fits snugly and comfortably in the hand, without bouncing around or feeling heavy.
  9. It also holds more than my other handhelds (such as Nathan or Fitletic).
  10. What I like most about the flask is the bite valve — no diverting your focus on opening/closing a bottle valve, when all you have to do is bite to get the flow!
  11. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, however, the first time I used it during a 50k, all my water kept leaking out, because I wasn’t able to get the cap on just right when I stopped at aid stations.
  12. Great for short runs.Very easy to carry, but a little time consuming when you’re in a long distance race.
  13. I would have give 5 stars but for one issue- it is easy to cross thread the top after refilling and you may only learn this a bit later when some has leaked out.
  14. Great product, easy to clean, cool little pocket for gels etc.
  15. I already use a hydration vest from UD which I love, so I had a high expectation and it met.
  16. Will never buy another Ultimate Direction product again if their quality is so low that products don’t even last a month.
  17. The cap didn’t fit well and the two times I actually used it, it leaked.
  18. Good: Like many runners, I struggled for years to find the perfect water bottle: Comfortable in hand, Not too bulky, and functional (no leaks!).
  19. This UD bottle may not be perfect, but it’s as close as I’ve found.
  20. This sucker holds a lot for being so compact, and purchasing additional bottles makes it easy to swap on the go.
  21. The external pocked is perfect for your key and maybe a couple gels (no phones!).
  22. I live in Houston, and I love that I can freeze the bottle overnight, and have it slowly defrost over the early parts of my run.
  23. Durability is great–I expected the mesh to tear up easily, but it has stood up to some serious trail run abuse.
  24. One of the best selling points of this bottle is its collapsability: It almost disappears as it gets empty.
  25. You can roll it up and strap it to a belt when empty, instead of having to carry around a big plastic bottle like a dolt.
  26. Bad: (1) If you take out the bladder and fill it fully, it’s very difficult (but possible) to put back in the mesh case.
  27. If you leave it in the case while filling, you short yourself 2-3 ounces from case compression, so pick your poison.
  28. If you do decide to freeze your bladder, I’d recommend putting it in the case and freezing the whole unit–with ice expansion, a frozen bladder is almost impossible to rebag.
  29. After a year or so of regular use (1-2 times a week), the bite-valve is slowly starting to tear up.
  30. Other: I’ve heard complaints of cross threading with this bottle, but never experienced any myself.
  31. Like any other bottle, the key is a quick counter clockwise rotation BEFORE closing via normal clockwise turn.
  32. I’ve done lots of quick fills on long races all the way up to marathon length without issue.

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