April 23, 2018

38/170 Crank Mechanism With 110mm Disc

crank mechanism wrap drive mm 38/170 crank mechanism with 110mm disc
Crank mechanism designed for road bikes.

Crank-170mm / Aluminum
5 BCD Bolts-170mm
Axis mounting-Square, 110mm

Brand: Nieznany

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

critical cycles dutch style step thru speed hybrid urban commuter road bicycle 38/170 crank mechanism with 110mm disc
  1. Incredible Components Critical Cycles’ Single-Speed Coaster Brake Drivetrain is perfect for short to medium distance riding on mostly flat roads and smaller hills.
  2. For the sake of simplicity and minimal maintanence, this bike has one gear that does it all.
  3. For stopping, use a coaster brake that allows you to apply your brakes by pedaling backwords just like a beach cruiser, without sacrificing control of the handlebars.
  4. Many Options Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bikes are available in Cream, Black, British Racing Green, Coral, and Light Blue.
  5. Most of the bike comes assembled out of the box, but requires some tweaking.
  6. The first issue I encountered involved the fact that the bolt attaching the rear reflector to the fender was so long it prevented the wheel from turning.
  7. This was totally unexpected and no amount of adjusting the rear fender could cure it.
  8. I wound up cutting off the end of the bolt with a dremel saw.
  9. I made the mistake of assembling the bike on the weekend when their customer service was closed, so that was the best solution.
  10. They later suggested swapping the fender struts to cure this, although honestly I don’t know why this would come from the factory with such a design problem.
  11. In fact, there are detailed assembly instructions on the company’s web site under each model with good, closeup photographs.
  12. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this out until after I had assembled the bike, but at least I was able to correct a mistake I made with the rear rack.
  13. Having said that, the bike looks great, rides very well, is light weight, and my daughter loves it.
  14. It’s just being used on a college campus so I figured it would be fine- when I got it, not only does it not come assembled ( sure, I didn’t expect it to be assembled so I wasn’t too disappointed) however it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and the instructions on the website DOES NOT HAVE THIS EXACT BIKE.
  15. In all actuality, it took over 10 people trying to put it together- and at least three of them are engineers.
  16. Plus, as soon as my RA rang the little bike bell, it promptly split in two.
  17. Unless you really really really know the inner workings of a dutch style bike and have experience, don’t expect to just snap this together and ride off into the sunset the same day.
  18. Not sure I would buy this again for the price, considering I should have taken in for a professional to put together.
  19. It does certainly look adorable in the salmon/coral color I bought.
  20. I think Critical’s reviews on their actual site are filtered to only show 5 star reviews.
  21. This isn’t a horrible bike for the price, but I could never give it 5 stars.
  22. And I know it’s inexpensive, but I bought a bike in the same price range and mine is significantly sturdier and all around better.
  23. Cons:
    The bolts and nuts are made of a super soft metal, so unscrewing them leads to their stripping, which we all know is the most infuriating thing in the world.
  24. The back bolts are so tightly screwed on that it’s impossible to take off with a wrench without stripping them.
  25. The light is plastic and didn’t come with proper mounting equipment.
  26. The kickstand is a little too long for the bike so it barely leans, causing it to topple over the other side with the slightest incline.
  27. Pros:
    It’s a nice color and looks good from a distance.
  28. Gets you from point A to point B without too much trouble.
  29. It is aesthetically pleasing and cost a fraction of what Public bikes are (which is what I originally wanted)!
  30. However, I haven’t had it more than three weeks and I am finding a lot of issues.
  31. It makes a rattling noise every time I ride it, which is annoying and loud.
  32. Even after I tightened all the nuts and bolts, it still makes the rattling noise!
  33. I put about 75 PSI on Monday and by Friday it is at 40 PSI.
  34. I’m going to look into new tires to put on it since these are definitely sub-par.
  35. UPDATE (11/9/15):
    The headlamp was too heavy and kept falling over (hitting the front fender), and eventually one day, it fell off completely as I was riding home from school due to the weakening of the already cheap metal being bent back and forth.
  36. The struts that attach the fenders to the wheel and the areas that have screws or fasteners have all began to rust even though I keep my bike away from the elements.
  37. I originally bought the fixie model, but it didn’t work out for me.
  38. You don’t know how many people stop me on the street to ask where I got it from.
  39. The price of the bike is perfect and assembly took around 25-30 minutes.
  40. It brings the headlight, bell, and rear panel for paniers which was awesome!
  41. I really love my new bike and I use it every day to go to work, for exercise, and for nice strolls on a lazy day.
  42. Nothing special and probably should have just purchased from local bike shop.
  43. Once I got it together and figured out, all in all it is a great bike.
  44. The bike arrived and fits together easily enough, except like many others, the pedals don’t thread on, the handlebars are incredibly cheap metal,…
  45. My dad is great at assembling stuff from refrigerators to computers so I thought my dad would be able to assemble this bike for me.
Buy Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle here $132.19 – $286.19

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 7-Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

critical cycles dutch style step thru speed shimano hybrid urban commuter road b 38/170 crank mechanism with 110mm disc
  1. The Step-Thru frame is designed for easy on and off, as well as comfortable riding for all kinds of clothing.
  2. The steel tubing and progressive frame geometry are designed for an upright riding position enabling a softer ride than your typical city bike.
  3. Incredible Components Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain is perfect for longer distance riding as well as easier pedaling on hills.
  4. For your convenience the Shimano Revo shifting mechanism is controlled via a grip-twister that allows you to shift gears without sacrificing control of the handlebars.
  5. Standard on each bike are Kenda Kwest Tires, the perfect hybrid/touring tire designed with smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves.
  6. Many upgrades are also included such as front and rear fenders, vintage-style bullet headlamp (batteries not included), a mid-century bell, rear rack, and sealed bottom bracket.
  7. Upright handlebars will keep your eyes on the road while being easier on your back.
  8. Hybrid Bicycles blends the features of more specialized bikes like road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, and cruiser bikes to produce a user-friendly bicycle that fills general purposed such as commuting.
  9. They are some of the most popular bikes simply because they are comfortable, stable, and and easy to use for beginner cyclists, casual riders, and urban commuters.
  10. These hybrid bikes are designed for a happy medium between comfort and fitness.
  11. Many Options Step-Thru Seven Speed City Bikes are available in Cream, Black, and British Racing Green.
  12. If you are in between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size.
  13. Critical Cycles bikes are built to last with brand-name components.
  14. No matter if you use your hybrid City Bike to commute to the office, or for recreation and exercise, we’ve got you covered.
  15. Though our bikes offer a smooth and reliable ride above all, our bikes come in a wide variety of bold color combinations that will allow you to express yourself as a rider.
  16. Critical Cycles City Bikes can get you the look of a customized bike without the custom price tag.
  17. We want to see you get out of your car, out of your cubicle, off the sofa, and onto a Critical Cycles bicycle.
  18. Buying a bike has never been easier or more inexpensive!
  19. Each bike includes the tools you need to attach your front wheel, pedals, handle bars, and saddle in 20 minutes or less.
  20. My wife is happy with it, and it’s for her, so in the end, that’s good.
  21. I did the basic assembling, but the brakes and wheel hub bearings in particular needed adjusting on ours.
  22. Most shops will also fully assemble and tune the bike for you, but again, this “hidden cost” adds to the cost of the bike.
  23. Maybe you are willing to just assemble it out of the box and not worry too much about fine-tuning.
  24. For me, I wanted to be sure the bike – brakes especially but also shifter, wheels, hubs, etc.
  25. It all looks good, but on closer inspection none of the components are particularly well-built and all but the shifter/derailleur are no-brand parts.
  26. Kind of what you expect at such a low price point – I get that.
  27. For that difference, the Public bike had a step up in all components – brakes, shifter, derailleur, etc.
  28. On a bike, you really get a better, safer machine when your components aren’t bottom-rung quality, so this is a big deal to me.
  29. In the end, with my wife’s strict budget, this was the only bike she was willing to buy in this style (which is the style she wanted).
  30. The baby blue is “cute” and nice and feminine, so again, Wife loves the look of this bike.
  31. At least I got her on a bike and we’re having fun, but in hindsight, paying only a little more for other brands (like, but not just, Public) would have gotten us a solid step up in quality and components.
  32. Most reviews on their site is for their fixed gear bike.
  33. Inside the bike was mostly assembled as claimed by the manufacturer.
  34. The instructions on the website were for their fixed gear bike.
  35. However taking stock of the parts it seemed like it only needed a few screws here and there, and the front wheel installed.
  36. Customer support was very quick in answering questions.
  37. Once assembled I took it to the bike shop for brake tuning which cost 15 dollars.
  38. On the first couple of rides, it rides beautifully, minor issues, need to readjust front brakes as they do not make contact with the wheel.
  39. The shifters are effortless and display what gear you are in.
  40. Notable Flaw:
    Kickstand is too long, so bike falls over every time.
  41. Its not a deal-braker but an annoyance that my 300 dollar bike cant stand on its own.
  42. Also the light looks metallic in the picture but is in fact metallic-looking plastic.
  43. Assembling it was finicky and an integral plastic bit inside that held the battery compartment to the plastic frame flew off as I was trying to put a screw in.
  44. The battery compartment is secure but might fly off on a bump.
  45. Also cant figure out how the light attaches to the front.
  46. At the moment it is dangling ungracefully from the front of my bike.
  47. In conclusion good bike, except for light and kickstand issue.
  48. Also there is some vibrations on the pedal and I believe it might be the rear fender rubbing against the wheel as I read in another review.
  49. Since it doesn’t cause any other issues I might fix it at some point.
  50. Update 8/1/2013
    Well I have had this bike for a few months, rode it everyday for a while to get to class, and I must say it is a pretty good ride.
  51. I fixed the kickstand by bending it with my foot, the light is still not on nor do I know how to put it on.
  52. I have gotten compliments on it which has never happened to me with any other bike.
  53. The cream color means it will show dirt and marks but its no deal breaker.
  54. The package was in rough shape, however, it seemed to be wrapped well inside of the box.
  55. As I took everything out, there were no assembly instructions to be found.
  56. As I put it together though, there was a dent in the front fender and both the front and rear fenders had been bent/torqued so when they were in, they did not align with the tires.
  57. The mounting brackets interfere with the rear brake no matter how you assemble or adjust it making the rear brakes worthless if you have the rack on.
  58. I ordered a replacement hoping to salvage the bad parts, but the new one arrived and it also had a dent in the front fender.
  59. At that point I decided to cut my losses and return the bike.
  60. The fender pinched my back wheel abruptly, sending me straight to the sidewalk.
  61. After just 1 year, it started rusting-parts came off, colors faded, etc.
  62. That’s why it won’t show up as a verified purchase on this review.
  63. However, there was a problem with the product right out of the box.
  64. I used it for 12 months only in the warm weather, it was sitting in my garage otherwise.
  65. Went to use it this spring and the back hub simply cracked in half.
  66. Didn’t notice until I had put the whole thing together.
Buy Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 7-Speed Shimano Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle here $299.99

Review 38/170 Crank Mechanism With 110mm Disc

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