April 13, 2018

26″ Aluminum Rear Wheel Disc For Black Disc Brakes

rear wheel aluminum to brake disc rim conical black 26 aluminum rear wheel disc for black disc brakes
rear wheel aluminum to brake disc rim conical black 1 26 aluminum rear wheel disc for black disc brakes
A great wheel for people who are looking for a product with very good durability. It is a back variant that will surely satisfy every amateur of elegant cycling cycles.


– aluminum hub
– size 26″
– cone bevel
– freewheel
– for disc brakes

Brand: Stars Circle

stars circle 26 aluminum rear wheel disc for black disc brakes

Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

northwoods pomona women dual suspension comfort bike 26 aluminum rear wheel disc for black disc brakes
  1. The heart of the Pomona is a hand crafted, light weight aluminum dual suspension frame which soaks up bumps on the most uneven roads.
  2. This combined with even more light weight parts such as alloy rims, stem and quick release seat clamp and you have a bike that will feel nimble and surprisingly agile.
  3. An industry standard Shimano rear derailleur highlights the drive train.
  4. I guess the fame would make it a difficult to ride bike for people having more than 5 ft 5 inches height.
  5. However, tuning the brakes and the gear derailleur took another hour or so (take it to a local bike shop if you have no experience doing this).
  6. The wheels were true out of the box, zero adjustment was necessary.
  7. The rear shock absorb mechanism makes a sound on every bump and I feel it could have been completely avoided on this bike.
  8. Put it together in a few minutes and took it for a 10 mile ride in a compacted gravel trail.
  9. Here are my impressions.The quality of this bike is inferior.
  10. The ruberon tge tires feels very soft and I doubt will last very long.
  11. The nuts and bolts feel soft as well and very easy to strip.
  12. This bike is mostly steel, only the 3 main bars of the frame are aluminum hence the weight some reviews state.
  13. It is an inexpensive bike and the quality suffered in the process.
  14. I will not recommend this bike unless you know how to tune and repair bicycles or you will be very frustrated and diassapoined out of the box.
  15. Most of the bike is already assembled, had to mount the front tire, handle bars, seat post, pedals, tighten and adjust a few things here and there.
  16. It would have been helpful if the instructions would have provided more information on how to tune/tweak the brakes.
  17. There are instructions, but they are very vague and somewhat difficult to follow when it comes to brake adjustment, that said I managed.
  18. I didn’t realize until just before I got ready to ride that the chain was not on the front sprocket.
  19. I’m not sure if this fell off in the box, or was by design.
  20. I quickly looped it on, but didn’t pay attention to which sprocket it was on at the rear so the first time I shifted it threw the chain.
  21. I reset the chain (5 second job), turned the rotating shifter back to first gear, put the chain on the front sprocket and then smallest sprocket in the rear and I was good to go (included this bit about which sprockets to put the chain on as the instructions did not cover this at all).
  22. My test ride consisted of a ride around the block but so far it feels like a very comfortable bike.
  23. I bit on the heavy side but no more or less than most bikes in this price range.
  24. The decals were wrinkled in several spots, annoying yes but not a deal breaker.
  25. If you’re not at least a little experienced with adjusting the brakes, you might want to haul it to a bike shop and ask them to make a quick adjustment for you.
  26. I would venture to guess they would probably do it at little to no charge since it takes just minutes for someone who does that kind of work.
  27. I don’t, and had to fiddle with mine for a bit to get them to brake hard enough, and not rub the rim or tire.
  28. The only other issue which is probably the biggest one for me is that the seat cannot be lowered far enough for me to feel comfortable on the bike.
  29. I’m 5’4″ and although the step through height is fine, I have to stand on the pedal and pop myself up on the seat which makes me feel like I’m riding higher than I’d like to.
  30. For me, I prefer to be able to sit on my seat and touch the ground with the tips of my shoes, just makes me feel a little safer and sturdy.
  31. That said, the down tube has a slight curve in it, (can’t see it in the picture) which prevents the seat post from being able to slide all the way down and adjusted to it’s lowest point.
  32. In fact, the picture displayed here shows the seat just an inch up from the reflector but it is impossible to lower the seat post down into the tube as pictured because of the slight curve in the down tube.
  33. I debated whether or not to send it back based on that fact alone because the height does not feel comfortable for me.
  34. But, I am first going to go to a bike shop, purchase another seat post, ask them to cut about 4 inches off the bottom of the seat post which should allow me to drop the seat down to exactly where I want it to be.
  35. I’ll mount the seat on my shortened post and see if that does the trick.
  36. I’ll update my review once I’ve made the modification to let others know how it worked out.
  37. Removing the handle bar from the wheel spokes was done slowly and with great care.
  38. I have ridden apprx 10 miles since assembly a few hours ago.
  39. A few bolts had to be tightened and minor adjustments had to be done.
  40. You need a general knowledge of bike mechanics to assemble on your own.
  41. I have not had the opportunity to use the higher gears but 1 through 4 work well.
  42. The tires work well on grass as well as on paved surfaces
    The seat is fine for short rides.
  43. I will probably replace for a more comfortable seat at some point.
  44. The decals are fine right now but doubt they will last long.
  45. I still have to lean to one side getting on/off as I am short.
  46. Had some issues with the front breaks working properly.
  47. Our daughter is 11 and the bike is just a little tall for her, but she’s able to get on using the curb.
  48. She runs XC on her college team and we bike as much as possible on her ‘down’ days from running.
Buy Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike here $129.99

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

merax finiss aluminum speed mountain bike with disc brakes 26 aluminum rear wheel disc for black disc brakes
  1. Rotate the fork for 180 degree before assemble the front wheel (the brake will be in front of the bike) .
  2. Assembled front wheel with quick-release pin, no tools needed.
  3. L / R signs are marked on the spindle of the each pedal, make sure they are assembled on the right side (when you ride on the bike, left pedal on your left hand, right pedal on your right hand).
  4. Assembly and Tuning Required
    This bicycle arrives 85% assembled.
  5. You will need to install the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and air up the tires.
  6. The only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because of the shock.
  7. I love it and i will love it even more when my new front shock with a lock out gets here!!!!
  8. I’ve learned a lot since first buying the replica of this bike, the 5-spoke magnesium wheel version last year (don’t buy that version, it looks cool but the axles are weak).
  9. That bike ‘died’ when the rear axle broke and instead of getting a new rear wheel I decided just to get a whole new bike.
  10. Before I go into details about the bike’s parts and upgrades, if you are on a strict budget this is the bike to buy.
  11. That is by far the most important ‘upgrade’ you can get for the money.
  12. Below are this bike’s various parts and upgrades for them:

  13. I got the CST Rock Hawk and it was a dramatic increase in performance.
  14. I put Slime self-sealing tubes in because I don’t run tubeless and I’m sure these wheels are not up to that anyway.
  15. Contrary to popular belief, freewheels are not quite as bad as everyone says.
  16. The two bad things about them are that they put extra pressure on the rear axle (see broken axle above), and they don’t climb hills very good.
  17. This one is 14-28t (teeth); 14 teeth for the smallest cog is slow on the road, and 28 teeth for the largest cog can’t climb anything over a 20% incline.
  18. There are also 14-34t freewheels but the 11-32t is the best overall range.
  19. You will notice that when starting up inclines, the front chainring will often not go from middle gear to low gear.
  20. This is also something to upgrade for sure when you have the money.
  21. This is not cheap to do but it’s very important for real trails.
  22. If you have not experienced hydraulic brakes you do not know what you are missing.
  23. Get a wider tire, run at around 35 psi, and the tire will magically work with the fork not only to smooth out the ride but will also bring out the best in this fork.
  24. I timed a downhill trail on the upgraded fatter tire with and without the fork on rigid lockout.
  25. The bike was 11% faster down the hill with the fork on the softest setting than on rigid.
  26. A fatter tire will work with the fork together for performance.
  27. Between the cushier seat and fatter front tire this hardtail with an 80mm fork will be much more tolerable over the bumps.
  28. If you are doing real trails out there you will need to spend as much on upgrades (front tire, freewheel, front derailleur, hydraulic brakes/stand-alone shifters, seat, etc.) for as much or more money as this bike was worth to begin with.
  29. I already had a nice Giant Mountain bike but my current bike is old and doesn’t have the features one would like for an e-bike.
  30. My old bike lacked disc breaks and suspension front fork needed for a bike traveling near 30 miles an hour.
  31. I understood that I could upgrade my Giant to make it safer to ride as an e-bike but then I wouldn’t have a bike I could could take out for a none e-bike experience.
  32. I think this is a great starter bike for a e-bike project.
  33. The bike is a little heavier then nicer more expensive bikes but that doesn’t really matter with an e-bike.
  34. The bike has lower end Shimano hardware but that also doesn’t really matter as I rarely need to switch gears.
  35. The breaks work great and the front fork provides a comfy ride.
  36. I replaced the tires not because they were completely worn but I needed something that could handle deep mud.
  37. The front fork/shocks are pretty soft but they’ll get the job done for anybody under 200 lbs.
  38. Disk brakes are usually the best way to go (even though the upkeep can be tedious) although I’ll tell you that mine are extremely noisy and I haven’t been able to figure out why.
  39. You get what you pay for and although there may be one or two things about the bike you’re not crazy about, you won’t be disappointed.
  40. You really cannot beat this option, unless you are looking at a name brand at 3-4 times the price.
  41. All brake and gear adjustments were also very easy to make and they work flawlessly.
  42. This bike can best be summed up as: great at being adequate.
  43. For most people this bike will be do everything they need.
  44. We bought this kind for our area here in the high desert of oregon is …..
Buy Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes here $259.99

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