April 21, 2018

Shimano Chain CN-HG 93 114 Links 9-row-pin Deore XT, Ultegra

Bicycle chain manufactured by SHIMANO, designed for cycling with 9-speed gear. Packaged in a Shimano box. Features: Size-1/2″x11 / 128" Pin-6.58mm Color-Silver / Gray System-9-row Length-114

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April 20, 2018

Aluminum Steering Wheel Horns Black 198026

Aluminum short profiled steering corners in black, Price per pair Features: Total length-12.5 cm Length of the gripping part-9.5 cm Brand: 2K

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Brake Shoes MTB ZEiT Z-661 Black-red, 72 Mm

MTB-72 mm pads are made with 3 different profiles, which results in better fit, drainage and prevents vibrations. Provides more effective braking in all conditions. Features: – Packed on a

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April 19, 2018

Rear Lamp Cover On The Fender

The cover of the bicycle rear lamp is mounted on the fender. Dimensions about 110 x 53 mmBrand: Tora Zajdel iJDMTOY (2) Smoked Lens Front Side Marker Lamps with 24-SMD Amber LED Lights For 2008-2014 Dodge

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April 18, 2018

Accent AXIUM Aluminum Pedals

Ultralight MTB pedals. The body and the aluminum housing cover. Os made of Cr-Mo steel. High-class sealed machine bearings ensuring a very high speed of rotation. Body-aluminum Os-Steel

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Wall-mounted Hanger PERUZZO 369 MARTE For 3 Bicycles

Bike hanger behind the rim Peruzzo Marte is an interesting and functional solution for storing 3 bikes. Ideally suited for people with little space in the garage or in the apartment. Mounting the hanger on the wall

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Poly-integrated Taper Rudders HSI-B08 Ball Bearings, 1-1 / 8″ -1,5

Heads intended for taper heads and forks. Sealed top cover made of aluminum, steel bowls. The upper bearing integrated into the bowl, the lower ball. Features: Height-10.2-2.8 = 13 mm Mounting dimensions-ZS44 /

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Cart Balls For The Hub 7-32″ X10 SG3C40 Shimano

Cart balls to the hub. Features: Manufacturer-Shimano Manufacturer’s number-33R90220 Dimensions-diameter-outside / inside-46/37 mm Brand: Shimano

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SECTOR Pedals, Silver-black, Aluminum, Ball Bearings

One-sided snap pedals. The body and the aluminum housing cover. Os made of Cr-Mo steel. High-quality ball bearings for a high speed of rotation. Adjusting the latch voltage. SPD thresholds

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Freewheel Balls 1/8″ Pack 144 Pieces

This product should keep the attention of every cyclist. They are universal balls for the freewheel size 1/8, which works well for many single-loaders. You can buy them on pieces, depending on individual

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