Where to Find a 4k Movies List

Even when people purchase their 4k viewing equipment, they aren’t going to be able to watch everyone they want in Ultra HD. The media itself needs to be updated. It isn’t a simple matter of viewing it through the right equipment. However, companies are recognizing the growing consumer demand for 4k viewing material, and the 4k movies list is expanding by the day.

When it comes to Netflix, part of the challenge of establishing a 4k movies list is the simple fact that Netflix frequently changes its video library. People can watch a movie one day, and then access it again just in time to find that it’s gone. It is generally acknowledged that it’s always a good idea to watch one’s favorites on Netflix immediately, during the short time in which they are available. The contents of the 4k movies list may be kept in the Netflix video library for longer than usual, or the list may expand enough that people won’t mind one way or another.

In the meantime, the contents of the 4k movies list on Netflix are fairly sparse, but people will still be able to watch some old and new favorites there. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was one of the most popular movies of the last twenty years, and people will be able to see it in Ultra HD on Netflix today. Martial arts movies in general look particularly stunning in Ultra HD, since martial arts movies pay a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the aesthetics of what they present. Seeing a movie like this on the big screen was impressive enough. Being able to see it using advanced visualization equipment can be an even richer experience.


Jerry Maguire is another classic movie that people can now see in Ultra HD. While Jerry Maguire is not as much of a visual experience as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, film is a visual medium and all films are visual marvels in one way or another. Many films from the 1990s and earlier could use something of a boost when it comes to what they are capable of portraying visually. Jerry Maguire is a film that will be all the more entertaining in Ultra HD.

People who want something more lightweight can watch the sequel to the Smurfs film in Ultra HD, and they can also watch the romantic comedy Hitch with the same visual standards. The Smurfs is still an animated film, and animated films can look much more impressive in Ultra HD. However, some of the most impressive films that anyone will see in Ultra HD will be the moving art pieces by Louis Schwartzberg. These are very recent works, which is one of many reasons why they have probably made the transition to 4k that much more easily. These short films are absolutely stunning to see in any way, but especially with the aid of 4k. The 4k movies list is currently very short, but even today, it should be a visually rewarding set of experiences for anyone.

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